It's a New Day, a New Year.....!

May all the dreams in your eyes, all the desires in your heart and all the hopes in your life blend together, to give you the most spectacular New Year ever. May all your dreams turn into reality and all your efforts into great achievements.

Happy New Year from one flashy Broad!


Christmas Eve

Well here we are in Hurricane...'twas the night before Christmas'. We had a lovely turkey dinner 'n fixings, with one of Aunt Marie's Razzleberry pies and a Lemon Chiffon pie for dessert. Shari & I have given assignments to Wood & Mike to assemble and insert batteries; Grandma-Great & Connor are rolling out cookie dough, and we (the girls) are putting the finishing touches on the infamous 'Christmas Breakfast' for tomorrow morning. I have never had a Christmas where I moved so slowly-almost as if I’m watching myself from afar. Just don’t have the energy this year, and am fighting a bacterial infection -- (I’m on the meds.)

What hasn’t been done, doesn’t get done! It is what it is! And in the long run, what does it really matter anyway, right? (I will close the door to spaces that I have neglected, hoping no poor soul will try and open them.)

We are watching Christmas Story on TV & playing 'Mexican Train' with Dominoes. We will head back to the condo soon, and regroup back here in the morning when Connor gets up.

I know that someday I will probably miss all this hustle-bustle (though I can’t imagine it now!), so I will try and remember what is really important as we gather together. And that is, that we are together, enjoying each other, and celebrating the gift of Christmas…


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, and to all a Goodnight

Oh DANG! I forgot I was gonna use this picture circa 1982 - The Shifflett kids are gonna hate me for this one, but it's a Mother's perogative. Matching PJ's compliments of Grandma Shifflett.


I've been in the BahHumbug-ish mood this year for Christmas. For those of you who received the 'letter', I'm sure you knew I was writing it 'tongue in cheek' . I thought I might try to whip out something via email (that hasn't happened!); the only decoration I have up is the tree that my two oldest grand-daughters, Kloyie & Skyla helped me with; and as far as cooking and baking -- FORGET ABOUT IT!

“When our children/grandchildren are sick -- When their little body aches and a fever rages and their head hurts, and they can’t explain what is wrong, they don’t want new toys or new clothes or a nicer house to live in. They only want to be held by someone who loves them. Ralph W. Emerson, an American philosopher reminds us that rings and jewels are not gifts, but apologies for gifts. The only real gift is the gift of yourself.

When I am hurting emotionally, I don't want a nicer car to drive or a new wardrobe. I too want to be held by someone who loves me. At Christmastime the best gifts I receive are tokens of love from those I care about and who care about me. So often the gift of time, of presence, is the best of all. It takes a clear vision of what matters to give our children presence, not just presents. We never outgrow the need for love expressed by presence.

No matter how old we are, the gift of time and attention is just as sweet as it was when we were children. Grown children need it from parents; parents need it from grown children. It is a never-ending cycle. We all need support and help from each other. We have the capacity to love and lift each one around us with our presence.

As the sacred music of the Christmas season surrounds us and the message of Christ's birth is uppermost in our minds, may we think upon the wondrous gift of God's presence. May we be willing to receive it, to open our hearts to it and really feel it. Jesus came to us so we could know the Peace of Heaven on Earth.”

Merry Christmas to all our family and friends. May your New Year be filled with Peace, Hope, and Love and a renewed awareness of your Presence in our lives.



We are proud to welcome Elder and Sister Campbell who have returned home from their Mission assignment in the California Riverside Mission! We are thrilled that they are healthy (for the most part), happy and are home to celebrate the Christmas Season with friends and family.

Love you both,
li'l sis


If you're not in the Spirit of the Holiday yet, this will get you there. After checking out this link, you're sure to be singing Christmas carols and then be thanking me for time 'well-spent'.

Check out this link and test your Christmas skills:


Funny, Funny Mother

This was always such a riot to read aloud at DiAnne's Christmas get-together, cuz no one works harder or starts earlier to prepare for Christmas than her! We would be in tears laughing at the scenario -- when I read it now, I just heave a big sigh of RELIEF knowing that I was never nor will I ever be like this MOTHER!

See Mother - See Mother laugh - Mother is HAPPY.
Mother is happy about Christmas.
Mother has many plans for Christmas. Mother is organized.
Mother smiles all the time - FUNNY, FUNNY Mother.

See Mother - See Mother smile - Mother is HAPPY.
The shopping is all done. See the children watch TV.
Watch children, watch.
See the children change their minds.
See them ask Santa for different toys!
Look, Mother is not smiling - FUNNY, FUNNY Mother.

See Mother, See Mother - See Mother sew.
Mother will make dresses - Mother will make robes -
Mother will make shirts. Look - Mother put the zipper in wrong!
See Mother sew the dress on the wrong side.
See Mother cut the skirt too short.
See Mother put the material away until January.
Look, Look. See Mother take a tranquilizer - FUNNY, FUNNY Mother.

See Mother, See Mother buy raisins and nuts.
See Mother buy candied pineapple and powdered sugar.
See Mother buy flour and dates, pecans and brown sugar, bananas and spices and vanilla.
Look, Look. Mother is mixing everything together.
See the children press out cookies.
See the flour on their elbows.
See the cookies burn. See the cake fall.
See the children pull taffy. See Mother pull her hair.
See Mother clean the kitchen with the garden hose - FUNNY, FUNNY Mother.

See Mother. See Mother wrap presents. See Mother look for the end of the scotch tape. See Mother bite her fingernails. See Mother go. See Mother go to the store 12 times in one hour!
Go Mother, go! See Mother go faster. Run Mother, run.
See Mother trim the tree. See Mother have a party. See Mother make popcorn.
See Mother scrub the rug. See Mother tear up the organized plan.
See Mother forget the gift for Uncle Harold. See Mother get the hives!
Go Mother, go! See the far-away look in Mother's eyes.
Mother is disorganized. Mother is disoriented - FUNNY, FUNNY Mother.

It is finally Christmas morning. See the Happy Family.
See Father smile. Father is happy. Smile Father, smile!
Father loves his new neckties. Look, Look. See the happy children.
The children will remember this Christmas.
See Mother. Mother is slumped in a chair. Mother is crying uncontrollably.
Mother does not look well. Mother has dark ugly circles under her blood-shot eyes.
Everyone helps Mother to bed. Mother sleeps quietly under heavy sedation.
See Mother smile - FUNNY, FUNNY Mother.

"A Maxine Christmas Story"

A good friend forwarded this to me and I knew Maxine and I had something in common --- but my hope was that I would grow up to be just like her! Maybe I'm closer than I think!

'Twas the night before Christmas, And all through the house...
Not a creature was stirring Since the cat ate the mouse.
My support hose were hung By the chimney with care.
(I hung them last Christmas And just left them there.)

My dog, Floyd, was nestled All snug in his bed,
After watching the cat rip The presents to shreds.
And I in my long johns And ratty night cap
Had just settled my butt For a long winter's nap.

When out on the lawn There arose such a clatter,
I swore at the window, "What the (blank) is the matter?"
I tore open the window, Not a second to tarry,
All ready to throw The noisemaker a berry.

A bright moon was lighting The new-fallen snow...
And I had a moon of my own Set to show.
Floyd was beside me, Paw pointing the way
Toward eight tiny reindeer Hitched up to a sleigh...

And a little old driver So cheery and quick,
I thought for a moment That I would be sick.
Like a bat out of...you know, His reindeer they came,
And I whistled and shouted And called them some names--

"Hey, Hornhead! Hey, Furface! Hey, Weiner and Turkey!
Yo, Klutzy and Mangy And Venison Jerky!
Stay off of my porch! Get away from my wall!
Now hit the road, hit the road, Hit the road, all!"

But as pedestrians before My old Buick, they fly
And head for high ground With great fear in their eyes,
So up to my rooftop The fleabags they flew,
With a sleigh full of toys And old Fruitcake-Breath too.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof
Holes in my new shingles Made by each tiny hoof.
As I reached for my slingshot And a marble as well,
Down the chimney St. Nicholas Tumbled and fell.

He had a huge sack of Cheap junk on his back
And I whispered to Floyd, "Be prepared to attack."
His eyes they were squinting, His toy bag was draggin',
And I felt for a moment Like I'd soon be gaggin'.

He was dressed all in red. With a bell on his hat.
And a belt of black leather To hold back the fat.
A billowing pipe He clenched tight in his smile,
And the smell was like something Had been dead for awhile.

He had a broad face And a little round belly
That shook when I nailed him With a handful of jelly.
He was chubby and plump, Well, actually porky,
And I laughed when I tripped him (He looked pretty dorky).

He was like a beached whale Unable to budge.
And he tasted good, too, If the dog was a judge.
I spoke not a word But went straight to my work--
A noogie, a wedgie, A cry of "You jerk!"

Until laying a finger Aside of his nose,
With a loud cry of "Uncle!" Up the chimney he rose.
He sprang to the sleigh And dragged in the toys,
Then he cried to the reindeer, "Get me out of here, Boys!"

And I had to exclaim As a slushball I tossed,
"Happy Christmas to all, And to all a Get Lost!"
But then, as I turned, I saw 'neath the tree
Two gaily wrapped presents-- One for Floyd, one for me.

A big bag of jerky Turned Floyd mighty chipper,
While for me was a pair Of brand-new bunny slippers.
I looked out the window, And hovering there,
Old Santa was winking From his sleigh in midair...

"Merry Christmas, Maxine!" He cried, full of cheer.
"Same to you, Pal!" I answered, "I'll get you next year!"


If I decorate my house perfectly with plaid bows, strands of twinkling lights and shiny balls, but do not show love to my family -- I'm just another decorator.

If I slave away in the kitchen baking dozens of Christmas cookies, preparing gourmet meals and arranging a beautifully adorned table, but do not show love to my family --I'm just another cook.

If I work at the soup kitchen, carol in the nursing home and give all that I have to charity, but do not show love to my family -- it profits me nothing.

If I trim the tree with shimmering angels and crocheted snowflakes, attend a myriad of holiday parties and sing in the church choir, but do not focus on Christ -- I have missed the point.

Love stops the cooking to hug the child.
Love sets aside the decorating to kiss the husband.
Love is kind, though harried and tired.
Love doesn't envy another's home that has coordinated Christmas china and table lines.
Love doesn't yell at the kids to get out of the way.
Love doesn't give only to those who are able to give in return.
Love bears all thing, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
Love never fails.

May we keep the true meaning of Christmas foremost in our thoughts and hearts as we approach the holiday season.


Color Theory

Jenna always seems to have the newest links and great insights into herself and life, in general. For being such a youngster, she's got her act together pretty good. Anyway, she had this new link on her blog, so I thought I would try it. Like her, every time I do one of these, it generally comes up close to the same answer -- I could hardly force myself to think that any of the attributes fit me. But I'm not unhappy with the conclusion and the color. I've always liked blue! Although, if you ask me, I'll usually say my color is RED -- probably trying to compensate somehow. So. . . what color are you?
you are slateblue

Your dominant hue is blue, making you a good friend who people love and trust. You're good in social situations and want to fit in. Just be careful not to compromise who you are to make them happy.

Your saturation level is medium - You're not the most decisive go-getter, but you can get a job done when it's required of you. You probably don't think the world can change for you and don't want to spend too much effort trying to force it.

Your outlook on life is brighter than most people's. You like the idea of influencing things for the better and find hope in situations where others might give up. You're not exactly a bouncy sunshine but things in your world generally look up.
the spacefem.com html color quiz



Taylor is Heather's little girl and the 4th grandchild on both sides of the family!
It’s 8:45am – the telephone rings
‘Gwamma, can you come over today?’
‘Taylor – I have some things I need to do;
What does your Momma say?’

‘Mom – can Gwamma come over today?’
‘I don’t care – what does she say?’
‘Gwamma, Mom says you can come to play –
Do you want to Gwamma? Will you come today?’

And so this is how each day begins
With a personal invitation from my 5 year-old friend!
Eyes that are more green than blue now
Pouty lips that are just so kissable!
Long, beautiful hair – always dressed in something pink

Wanting to know what my favorite color is, what I’ve had to eat,
Asking what movie we want to watch, what I’d like to do and what I think;
Who is this ‘Geez Louise’? she asks;
and why do I say ‘P.U.’ey when something stinks!

So many accomplishments and changes this past year –
A new baby brother - Weston, he’s one,
A new beagle puppy that’s a pain in the bum!
A new routine of preschool 3 days a week
A trip to the library – new books to seek.
Playing with Sydni, Laila, and J.J.
These are activities that fill up her days.

Today it is your birthday - A day that’s all your own,
So I’m going to give you a gift that’s special
Its value is unknown . . .
It's my pledge of love and trust
That as you grow you'll know
How many times a day we think of you
And how much we love you so.

Happy 5th Birthday, Taylor
I love you from Heaven and Back!
Grandma Shifflett


Happy Thanksgiving!


As we gather ‘round the Turkey
On this Thanksgiving Day,
May we be ever grateful for our blessings
And for friends and family.

May forgiveness be within our hearts
And tolerance for those around us.
Help us to do what’s right
So that we may other’s teach.
Look to ourselves for inner peace
And always to stranger’s reach.

For strangers are the friends
That we have not yet met.
And friends are those who know us best;
Whom judgement does not set.

Let this Thanksgiving Day
Be just the first of many --
When we can look from you to me,
With no regrets, no excuses,
And no sorrow for our yesterdays.


Nieces, Nieces

When I was in 3rd grade, I had an assignment from Mrs. Jost to write a poem. What I came up was a diatribe about nieces -- specifically Denice, Leanne (Tom's daughter), and Clydene (Whitey). Mary would occasionally tend these 3 little scamps and they inevitably would rummage through my bedroom and belongings. When I came home from school to find the mess (which I was usually encouraged to clean up if I didn't want them playing with it) I would mumble and groan!

Nieces – Nieces

Some forty years ago, when I was all of ten,
An assignment was given to me to write a poem.
I remember thinking to myself; I know nothing about prose –
But I made a wild stab at it, and this is how it goes.

Nieces, Nieces; I hate them to pieces!
They get into my room, and scatter all my stuff –
They ruin what is mine – and I become so gruff!
I yell at them and I stomp about
My Mom just tries to calm me.
She reminds me that they’re little and will be going home soon.
HOORAY! I say – Make them clean up my room!

Now I say . . . Nieces, Nieces; I LOVE them to pieces!
They’ve become my best friends.
We’ve complained to each other, we gossip, we share.
Without them, I never would’ve had the experience of growing up
With opportunities to baby-sit, catfight, and most of all ---

When I moved in with Nadine's family, Janette & Cheryl became my friends, as well as my nieces. We shared secrets about boys, hi-jinx and mayhem! We ate, worked and slept together and all 5 of us girls shared ONE BATHROOM! It involved intense planning and shifts as to when a bath/shower was taken and who shared the mirror at the same time! But I look back on this experience and am so thankful for the opportunity to grow up and grow old with these girls.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to my Wonderful Nieces.


October's becoming a fairly busy month -- it used to be just the '3 H's' - Heidi, Heather & Halloween. Between b-days, finishing up soccer games for Kloyie & Skyla (half of which were stormed out!), and a Halloween carnival for Kloyie's and Skyla's school, I believe we are just about ready to finish out the month with Halloween!

We were all over to Heather & Gary's yesterday to celebrate The Boy's b-day. They are great host's and it was fun to have everyone together. Good thing Heather, Heidi and their little girls helped him celebrate on the 23rd, because since then, he got an ear infection that required an antibiotic, which resulted in an allergic reaction and HIVES covering most his little body! LOOK AT THE WELTS ON THIS POOR BABY (think Will Smith on HITCH)-swollen eyes and ears, itchy red splotches and pretty much miserable - he did hang in there pretty good long enough to open his gifts, eat a scoop of ice cream & a slice of cake.

Fay's husband sat and drew caracatures of everyone. He's a Good Sport to do this for every family gathering! I have yet to have one done, as I'm trying to think of a good character for this funny face! But all of the kids were a RIOT.



Weston is Heather's 2nd child and the 6th grandchild on both sides of the family!(aka Pumpkin Head, Bobble-Noggin & The Boy)

One year old? What a SURPRISE!
See that look of shock in my eyes?
Growing up is quite hard work --
But something we must never shirk!

I've learned to roll, and then to crawl
I yell for Taylor -- I throw the ball.
I bark just like the doggies do
And stick my fingers in doggie poo!

My 'Grandma Sue' thinks that I am tops
I try to please her with all my PROPS -
There's Bah'Ba, who'zat, bye-bye and naughty
My next big step will be to 'go Potty'!

I'm pulling myself up to everything that stands
This is done with my teeth -- along with my hands!
I know that pinching and biting aren't nice
But the trouble I get from it gives Mom such a rise!

My Momma tells Taylor to be nice and to share
Cuz one day, I'll be bigger 'n tougher 'n meaner;
I may sit on her - I may punch her
I may even pull her hair!

We all know that I'm just as SWEET as can be
Look at that face - Who could doubt my intent?
I'm one, I'm fun, I'm not here to torment!
So just love me, and feed me, and make sure that I'm happy
And if you're lucky, I may lay down for my "POWER" nappy!


The Jesus Store

Funny Story - Heather, Taylor, Weston and I were out shopping on Friday for Kloyie's birthday at Deseret Book. Heather & I walked around the entire store looking at decorations, plaques, books, sampling SnickerDoodles(!) We wandered into the pictures and started picking out our favorite pix of the Savior. We decided we love the new versions that have him more animated - blue eyes, and especially the ones with children.

Anyway, Taylor pipes up with 'How come there's so many pictures of Jesus here?' Along with the 'insanity thing we inherit from our kids', I've picked up on my kid's qUICKwIT! Heather and I reply simultaneously, 'Cuz this is the Jesus Store'. We hear two ladies on the other side of the shelves laughing. . .Oh No! We've been caught in our sarcasm!

Taylor's last question: 'Why does Jesus need a store?' Good question, Taylor. I think even Jesus would laugh at that.


Kloyie's Eight!

Kloyie is my oldest grandchild and daughter to my 3rd son, Curtis.

Such a special day for a Special little girl
Turning eight years old has put you in a Whirl!
"My Dad's going to baptize me", you say
How wonderful that this is the Highlight of your day.

No thought of party, gifts, or cake,
Only that you're turning Eight
And knowing that you'll be baptized
Has put you into such a state.

"Choose the Right" will be your motto
"What would Jesus Do?"
If you follow the baptismal covenants
and are quiet enough to hear the Spirit whisper
You'll know how to stay true.

Our little Kloyie - Eight Today!
And how the years are slipping away,
Always so many things to do
Never much time for just we two.
The length of you - All legs and arms!
those artful poses and subtle charms
A studied indifference upon your face
Changing as I watch you grow
Becoming someone new to know.

I have such things I want to say
To show you, if I can, the way
to see the world in golden shades
To never lose your chosen way.
To stay safe when others are at risk
To know how to love and who to kiss.

So Happy Birthday, Eight Today!
With all my Love, Grandma


Twice the Love - Double the Delight!

29 Years ago on October 6th, a Blessing X2 came into our lives! The vibrant colors of the Autumn leaves, the humbling serenity of a Conference weekend, the total AWE of 2 perfect baby girls, who have transformed into special women with an inner strength, beauty and talent -- and two of my Best Friends!

Heidi we nicknamed 'Kitten', because she laid so quiet & cuddly - just like a kitten when it curls up on your lap to sleep. Heather was 'Squeaky' - everytime her eyes opened, her mouth opened!(much like a baby bird who awaits it's Mother's return with something to eat). She was not awake without wanting attention. You'll notice Heidi gets "Top Billing" on this shared day as she came 2 minutes earlier than her sister.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Heidi & Heather - I Love you so much!

Twin by Chance, Friend by Choice

Sister, Friend, but so much more
One would not be here without the other
So when you think you're all alone
Don't look to strangers . . . Seek out your sister.

Sharing everything since birth
Sleeping, eating, pooping, toys
The only thing I don't remember
Is that you might've shared the BOYS!

Alike, yet different . . .
With your individual style
Choosing friends who didn't fit the other
Always coming home to share with your sister.

Proud to call you both "my daughter"
Praying that you will remain happy, and close to each other.
'Tis no other more special. . . I've said it before
Sister, Friend, but so much more.

(Happy Birthday-October 6, 2005)

I love you both, all the way from Heaven and Back!


The Naughty Ladies of Cherry Hill . . .

The naughty ladies of Cherry Hill
Have hit the town like a bomb.
The back fence gossip ain't been this good
Since Margie ran off with Uncle Tom!
Our town was peaceful and quiet
Before they came on the scene
The ladies have started such a riot
Disturbin' the suburban routine.

You should see how they carry on
With their admirers galore
They must be giving them quite a thrill
The way the guys all flock to their door.
They throw those 'come-hither' glances
To ev'ry Tom, Glen & Wayne
When offered some liquid refreshment
These ladies, they never complain!

The naughty ladies of Cherry Hill
Have the town in a whirl;
The naughty ladies of Cherry Hill
Me o' my, oh what cute girls.

The thing they're trying to pin on them
Won't hold much long, I'm sure.
Beneath the powder and fancy lace
There beats little hearts sweet and pure.
They just need someone to change them
Then they'll be nice as can be.
"If you in the neighborhood, Stranger'
You're welcome to drop in and see."

The naughty ladies of Cherry Hill
So delightful to hold;
The naughty ladies of Cherry Hill
They're delectable - quite respectable
And they're only two weeks old!

(Written and sung by Vicky & Kris
for a Heidi's & Heather's baby shower)

Anniversaries, & Birthdays & more, OH MY!

The month of September was a BIG month of special birthdays & anniversaries. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Krissy, Vicky, Paige, Shaylee & Jessica.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the DelHoyo's, the Rix's, the Campbells, the Pedersen's and the Banford's


I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!

OK, then! Since my outdoor adventure over a week ago, I got NUTHIN'. I am recovering nicely from the scrapes and bruising (Thank you for asking); but Heidi, Laila and I have all come down with a rotten bug that I'm told will last 2 weeks! YEA!

Since I check everyone else's blog more than once a day to see what's happening to the 'Beautiful People', I decided I'd better get my two cents in, even if it's just to tell you all that I think we have a pretty great bunch of people in our family! Congrats to Ben, Kwona and kids on the NEWS! It's always so exciting to hear about what's going on with the DelHoyo's, the Smith's, the Boxer's, and Jenna! Oh to be energetic and totally incorporated in the everyday happenings of a young family -- I remember it well, but don't think I'd want to go there again!

Heidi and Grant had an anniversary get-away planned for the weekend, and since I already was sick, took over the tending issue with Laila and Tank (the English Bulldog). Picture this if you can, a roll of toilet paper hanging off my belt loop just so's I have it handy to wipe up the slime from the dog's mouth, Laila's and my nose, and anything else that may need to be wiped up. Laila is packing my jar of Mentholatum and inhaler around in her pocket, and I have my Afrin and AIRBORNE's on the k
itchen counter. It was a FUN weekend.

I've been considering seriously the opportunity (Did I actually say that?) of getting back into a professional career. So I'm polishing up my resume', calling on those people I trust enough to lie for me as references, and anticipating with bated breath the 40-hour week, the hour long drive, and the hustle and bustle of the Big City. Unless, of course, I get a part-timer here in Davis Co. and only have to dress up on Sundays! Oh wait, I don't do that either! I've had just about as much fun as a girl can stand for the past 3 years without having to work. It was nice being able to lounge out by the pool in Boise, and we have worked hard to get the yard done at our new location in Syracuse, but it's time to dust off and do something more! I only wish I had taken the time and opportunity to get more schooling so that I was marketable, but I guess 13 years polishing diamonds should get me somewhere, don't ya think?

The weather here is changing markedly towards Fall. There are some beautiful drives to take and a few good days left to watch the kids play soccer, football, and play at the park. I guess I'll take advantage of these before I am committed (Did I say that?) to a job. Some of the best times of our lives is when we can sit in solitude and listen to what the wind says. Or watch the ducks and geese swim across the pond, only to get to the other side . . . for what? I leave you with this beautiful image (complim
ents of Mike).


Chapter 2 - Rescue

When last I left you, we had gathered back at the parking lot of the Lodge. I'm thinking we've put in a good training session -- but NOOOO! We're just getting a 2nd wind! OH GOODY - we get to do it again! We go through the same instructions and are sent off with a scent article to tie on a branch along the way. Then up, over, up some more and hunker down for the wait. This time, I make sure I'm up and out of the prescribed area far enough to be acceptable. I plop myself down and radio in. Waiting . . . waiting . . . waiting. I'm wondering if anyone heard me. I lay down and look straight up in the sky above me. Beautiful!

Finally, a nice man's voice comes across and asks if I'm OK. Sure; just fine! As I sit there, I realize that I'm sitting in an ant bed! Not to worry; just little black ants that I feel crawling up my legs, under my shirt, on my arms and neck; they don't bite. Could be worse - could be poison oak or a rattle snake. Should I jump up to another spot and compromise whether the dog is close by? The trooper that I am, I just sit & swipe!

Many minutes go by. Finally, I hear the crackling of branches as the man & his dog approach me. It's Shasta, the bloodhound to the rescue, and she gives me wet kisses to say she's there and should now be rewarded! What? A kiss is not enough? No! They want treats and toys as well!

The day seems to be a SUCCESS. I was rescued twice, and am asked if I'd like to go one more time? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You may actually have a 'VICTIM' in the true form if I go out a 3rd time.

I get home and survey the injuries: 4 new bruises; a skinned knee; a twisted ankle
; scrapes and abrasions down my arm; and thorns in my hand - but not the least bit stiff! Maybe this old lady is in better shape than I thought! Not bad for a novice victim; and my grandkids will be so excited to see and hear about what an adventurer I am!

Did I enjoy the day? What sane person would not love being out in the beautiful fall foliage, smelling the sage and oak, conversing with the animals, and being with/meeting good friends? Will I go again? I understand the next traning session is up North and includes a Dutch Oven dinner - I'm a sucker for food (HA! HA!) Will my injuries be healed and my pride be mended? Most definitely! Just not gonna take anything but snack mix, water, and smaller note pad in a fanny pack. It makes for a much harder hike if your arms of full of peripherals that really aren't needed.

Hurry up into the Hills, and take advantage of the view before it's gone!


Rescue Pack . . . coming to the rescue!

My adventure begins with a leisurely drive up Weber Canyon to Trapper's Loop and a turnoff at Snow Basin. The fall foliage is beginning to turn into vibrant colors of gold, orange, reds, and hues of all three! In contrast with the pines, they make for a beautiful setting to play 'Hide & Seek' with my friends group from "American Rescue Dogs". Polly has been trying to get me out on one of the training sessions for the past year! I finally gave in - and had such a great time.

Let me just preface the previous remark by saying that the fearless leader of this group began by calling me a "victim" and not a "hider"! This and the fact that my friend had sent me two emails that I opened up early this morning - 1. a quiz to test your 'belief system' & 2. a silly video about in-bred deer hunters who hold branches up to their heads and end up being mistaken for deer - and SHOT! Okay. . .is she sending me a message? Anyway, after I meet everyone in the group (including the dogs) I'm sure glad people 'make nice' by shaking hands! I get shuffled into a little red truck and we head back down the road to our hiding area. Now, I'm wondering what my outcome will be as she points me in the direction she would like me to take -- across the road, down the ravine, up to the dead tree, north along the side of the mountain, while climbing higher, and just about parallel to where they had s
een a MONSTER Moose as they drove up this morning! Fine. . .I don't see the Moose in the field; has it gone back up into the high country?

As the starting gun fires, I take off for my trek. Now no one says this is a race, but I'm thinking I should get to my spot post-haste, so that I can settle in before the bloodhounds are released. I stumble; I fall, I'm gasping and snorting up the mountain! I get just about as far as I think I can go & radio in on the GPS. "No", Vicky says, "go a little further north".

What have I got myself into? I pick myself up (Yes folks! I'm laying prostrate sideways on the mountain)! I guess I didn't take into consideration that a 'victim' must hike into the area of demise and then hunker down in a thicket of trees 'til the dogs find them. I had been instructed to bring a book, a sketch/writing pad, handwork - anything that I would like to spend time doing. Further in, I finally see the meadow I'm suppose to be seeing far below! I drop across the stump of a fallen tree -- I wonder if anyone heard it fall? I wonder if anyone heard ME fall?! I again radio in and they check my coordinates. I begin surveying my injuries, as I lay there bruised and bleeding. YES! I am truly a VICTIM! I look up into the sky - is it a bird, a plane? Maybe they'll send in Air Support!

As I sit there in the quiet solitude, I am amazed at how beautiful it is. Noises that you hear only in Nature are all around. The wind whistling thru the pines; a bird pecking away at the bark of a nearby tree; branches creaking and rubbin as the wind blows thru them. Oh & Looky there - I see Chip n' Dale (not the dancers) chasing one another up and down the trees! After a half hour or longer, I hear footsteps behind and above me. Crikey!
Please let it be "Man & His Best Friend" and not that MOOSE! Yes - it's my guys to the rescue. They seem as happy & excited to find me, as I am to see them! After doggy kisses from Clyde (the dog) and treats for reward, we pick ourselves up & head back down the hill -- did I say HILL? We get picked up on the road and driven down by the Lodge. Oh good - almost everyone is back - are we done?!

[to be continued]



September 2, 2007 - Momentous! We weathered the elements of Earth, Wind, maybe not Fire! Unless you want to count the antics of a rebellious, contrary and uncooperative 2 year-old and a tired baby! Mike, Shari and Connor were able to come up for Labor Day weekend, so that was like getting the Earth to stand still. To get Curt to come, I told him that is poor old Mom had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and that this was her dying wish. Woody asked why we just couldn't just put it off another year! And I promised them all that this would be the last time I asked them to do this. Can you guess yet what I'm talking about? You got it folks -- a FAMILY PORTRAIT! My photog friend guaranteed me that it is his experience that "you must drag most men kicking and screaming" to one of these. After all, he says: "I was once one of them!"
courtesy of Paul Durham Photography

"The sky that day was angry, my friends". Ominous clouds hung dark & low. Lightning cracked, and thunder--well, it thundered! Wind, rain, even hail -- could this be an omen? I was assured it was not by my kind, calm photographer friend. It did finally clear, & when the sun came out, the fearless photog and his trusty 2nd Lt. were able to take some beautiful pictures -- I especially love the candid shots with hair blowing in the face! I'm sure Heidi thought her newly lasik'd eyes were gonna flap right off her eyeballs! The little kids had fun running around the park in the wind, and all seemed to enjoy being with one another. OH JOY! That makes all the cajoling, bribing, threatening and coaxing even mor
e special for a Mom.

When it seemed there would be no cooperation or coming-together on this momentous occasion, Heidi went to task and worked this family pix up. Actually, I like it well enough, and it really does fit the personality of the family; I may just hang this up as well.


Lizards --- Now 'BUMBUMS'!

The Saga continues . . . yesterday Laila came over to see us and immediately wanted to go for a walk. So we loaded up the stroller with her Care Bears, a water bottle, and her purse with much paraphanalia. We got about 2 blocks away, and decided to sit down on the cool grass beneath the shade of a tree. As we are chatting, a HUGE 'bumbum' bee slowly buzzed around our faces. I finally flipped it away, and it landed in the grass DAZED! Laila and I are down on our hands and knees (which isn't as far for her as it is for me!) looking at the bee, who is just laying there. When she saw the stripes and fur on it, she said "It's just too cute, isn't it?" So we picked it up with a leaf and put it into her purse, so that she could take it back to show her Momma and Grandpa. I then thought it most appropriate to teach her the song -- 'I'm bringin' home a baby bumblebee, Won't my Momma be so proud of me?' She thought that was GREAT! We set it down in the flowers out front, so that it could maybe crawl up into one of them and get some nectar, and checked on it a couple of times.

Then, later in the day, when I went to see Taylor & Weston, I was telling them about the bee. Well, Taylor called excitedly this morning to tell me that my bee had blown over to her yard, and that it was in their flowers. I couldn't believe the energy in her little voice and she described the stripes and fur on it!

Kids! The simplest pleasures from life. Maybe we should take a lesson.


Connor, the Lizard, & Kindergarten

Had a call from my oldest grandson this afternoon. He spoke excitedly of a lizard he had caught and is holding captive, that is a boy's color (brown, I assume), and whose name is Sketch; that his Mom lightened his hair and is doing the same to his Dad's today; and that he has already started Kindergarten and has lots of friends! This pix was taken the 2nd day of school. How much better can life get than that of a child? He is a Dynamo of Energy, 5 year old Wisdom & Wisecracks!

Love you Connor!



Not too long ago, Michele expounded on the Lucky #13 for the Smith family. We noticed a similar number epiphany way back in 1984. In that year, Mike turned 13 on the 13th of July, Matt turned 10 on the 10th of July, and Heidi and Heather turned 6 on the 6th of October. We never were able to figure out something for Curtis that year.

Woody and I also celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary on the 16th of August that same year. It was like the worlds were colliding, or something -- to have that many ocurrances that would coincide with the date! Anyway, here it is some 23 years later, and our anniversary is fast approaching.

The young man that I married is not the same today.
That youthful carefree spirit now seems so far away.

But the years reward endurance with pleasures all their own.
With time to build a future together . . . not alone.

And so my love, I mention the times we two have shared.
Have made my life worth living -- just knowing that you've cared.

This is a picture taken on our wedding day --- you'll notice we were not allowed to have pictures taken around the Temple grounds in our wedding dresses. I've always regretted the fact that I didn't have any of those beautiful pictures for keepsakes. Happy Anniversary, Woody.


Blogging Addiction

71%How Addicted to Blogging Are You? As you can see, I don't have the addiction problem that Heather has, but it's fun to see just where a square peg can fit into a round hole!


40th Class Reunion - THEN & NOW!

I'm the one with the short hair and love handles!
Well, it's over; and it was 'Mahvelous!' I had so much fun reconnecting with classmates, and renewing friendships. Some people I hadn't seen since the day we graduated, and plans were discussed to try to get together in small groups to further indulge ourselves with stories of mayhem and hi-jinx that took place in our younger years! The first night we attended a dinner at the Timbermine in Ogden, where we had pix taken and a program featuring the "most famous person in the World", who just happened to be in our class --- Santa Claus! He then introduced groups of 4 people on stage and read 4 things each of them had done in the 40 years since we had graduated, while we tried to guess which one he was talking about. Saturday, they had a golf tournament, a car show, a BBQ, and another program that featured a band -- the Barracuda's -- that included guys from the 1966 class. Danced to music from our era until the lights (which are on a timer) started to go off! By the time we finally got everything down and out of the building, it was pitch black! Sunday they had a Reflections program, where we honored the classmates who had Military service. A lot of them got up and thanked us, saying that it was the first and ONLY honor they ever received for being in the Military during the Viet Nam conflict. Can you imagine? No heroes parade -- no one saying 'thanks' to them for all they went through -- 50,000 of them died! We also had a fellow classmate, who is researching Alzheimer's, give a slide presentation and tell us that in the near future there will be a vaccination for this terrible disease. Trust a "baby boomer" to find a solution to losing our minds! All the events were very well thought out and planned, and there has already been many responses to the success of it. It was a real fun experience! After 40 years, everyone finally seems to be comfortable in their own skin, and really don't care who has achieved riches in their lives, who drives the most expensive car, who looks the best, etc. It was more about empathizing with those of us who have had some very tragic things happen and wondering who will be returning for the next reunion. I’m including a link to a website where you can view my story and see picture that they are including from the reunion. I'm including a link to a website that was set up for the purpose of informing us of the events and having classmates add their stories. http://www.dhs67.com/


Happy Birthday, Mike & Matt!

Have to give Mike "top billing" for birthdays! As a child, he couldn't understand why he was the oldest, yet we celebrated Matt's birthday first. You see, Matt was born 3 years after, and 3 days before Mike's birthday. So, to keep PEACE, we would celebrate the birthdays together, (which I think they came to dread later). It did make it easier for the cake decorating, however. NO! Wait, I believe there were many years when we had a party for friends, as well as a family party. So it probably just about evened out. Anyway, there always seemed to be enough of it to go around! Besides celebrating them together, they even usually got the same gifts, as Matt always wanted what Mike had! AHH! Sibling rivalry . . . it's what we all love to see and enjoy listening to. It does get more fun to hear about it after the years have rolled by.

Now, here they are both now in their "30 somethings", and ready to celebrate yet another year. Matt's is on the 10th and Mike's is on (lucky?) Friday the 13th! As a kid, he always thought that was pretty cool when it fell that way on the calendar. I want them to know that I love them and wish them both a wonderful year! Hope you both have a great day, and that you are HAPPY!


Happy 1st Father's Day!

Happy 1st Father's Day to Matt! Fatherhood looks good on him....don't you think?!

Let's see . . . thinking about the new baby; getting the new baby; lovin' on the new baby has pretty well taken up all our time!

However, before the new baby, Woody, Heidi, Laila and I all took a trip down to Hurricane to visit Mike and family over Memorial Day weekend. We had alot of fun with them -- met some of their friends, and went swimming! Mike also took us over to an old pioneer cemetary in Grafton, where we saw some interesting headstones where these poor folk were murdered by Indians!

On June 11th, Curt's little girl, Skyla, turned 5 (we also had 3 born in 2002!), and we had a party over in their backyard. Ate cupcakes that were baked in icecream cones, and the kids played with some funny balloons that you just blow up and let go (they fly around like a rocket making a noise)! Kids seem to be entertained by the simplest of things. Skyla also got a swing set, and much needed clothes for summer and to start kindergarten in the fall.


Memorial Day Weekend 2007

May today there be peace within.
May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.
May you use those gifts that you have received,
and pass on the love that has been given to you.
May you be content knowing you are a child of God.
Let this presence settle into your bones,
and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.

It is there for each and every one of us.

As we approach the Memorial Day weekend, may we remember the friends and family that have gone on before us, and find peace in knowing that we will see them once again, and be reunited as family. It was an especially tender one this year for Nadine and family, as Clyde just passed away in April. Clydene got a cute pix of her little grand-daughter at Clyde's grave; she was on her knees with her ear to the ground trying to listen to what Grandpa was saying -- children are definitely in tune to the Spirit.



I mentioned in a blog or so ago, that I was going to try to spotlight each of my kids so that you would know them a little better. I'm so impressed with each of their talents and abilities ---different, yet similar. They all have an artistic flair (which I guess they get thru heredity, since all of you are carrying the same genes!). I know that I have sent some of you the links to Mike's art: http://mshifflett.digitalart.org/, and http://www.flameworx.com/ are just a couple of places you can see some of his artwork. He earned the MOBIUS award, which some of you may know is like the Oscar for art design: http://www.unitedvisual.com/2rent/3maa.asp He designed the website for flameworx. Some of his best work is pictures that he has done for family or friends, but he would love to sell. Everything he does is exact, almost to the point that it looks like a photograph!

Heidi gets into the abstract portraits and non-traditional types of art --- with bright colors, comic-bookstyle sketches, and beautiful, somewhat surreal renditions of what she sees. She now has a blog set up at: http://hidbdesigns.blogspot.com/. You can visit her there and see many more of her works, with the ability to buy or contract something to buy.

I just love to toot their horns -- since they so seldom do. Hope you enjoy seeing their displays throughout my blogs. TOOT! TOOT!


Happy Mother's Day

For about 13 years, I have been cautiously dabbling in poetry writing --- nothing fancy, you understand. It has been a way to "vent", to express my feelings, to indulge my daydreams, to share secrets --- it has become my Best Friend! They are mostly of a personal nature; sorrow/happiness, pain/healing, disappointment/renewed faith. They are writings that you will probably never see published, but are etched in my heart forever. Four years ago I wrote a poem for my girls and Woody's Mother, which I gave them on Mother's Day and would like to share.

Mother's Day -2003

What more tribute for a Mother could there be?
Than for her children to be healthy, wise, forgiving and happy.

What more satisfaction could a Mother find?
Than a child who demonstrates appreciation and is always kind.

What more love could a Mother feel?
Than the chubby little arms wrapped snugly about her neck;

Than the sad little eyes pleading for more attention;
Than the endless questions that always start with "Why?";
Than the sweet smelling bouquet picked especially for her (from the neighbor's garden)'
Than the pleading for just one more scoop of cookie dough;
Than the bedtime story, a sweet child's prayer, and a warm tuck between the covers.

What greater happiness comes into a Mother's heart?
Than to see her children teach their children to be appreciative, forgiving, loving,
joyful, humble, prayerful, thankful . . .

What more to life is there . . .
Than to be a Mother.

I'm thinking of my single friends, who may not have children, my friends that may not be around their families, and my friends who are no longer with us, but have the families who think of them daily. Mother's Day is such an "overkill" holiday, when you think of it from the retail point of view. What's important is the love and appreci
ation of your families and the feeling that you are giving them the one thing in their lives that they need the most to be successful individuals!

(My Kids and their Kids . . . . I love them all to pieces!)

Thanks for becoming a piece of my heart. I love you all. . . .



As you're all aware, May 7th is Wayne's birthday. Because he is so special in all our lives, and because I feel I never do enough to recognize him, I would like to pay tribute to him for 85 glorious years of faithful love and devotion for his family and his sweet wife, his patriotic service to his Country, and for being the mainstay and Patriarch for the Fry Family for as far back as I remember. He and El took care of my Mother when she became deathly ill; he stepped in and took care of finances when my own Father couldn't (or wouldn't); he made sure that Aunt Dott had a place to live that was close by him in Bountiful, so that they and DiAnne would be able to watch over and take care of her; and he's always been a big brother that I was proud of and loved to brag about. I remember when I began dating Woody, and finally got into a conversation with his Dad about where he worked, which was the Air Nat'l Guard Base in SLC. I believe that Wayne was his C.O. When he realized that I was related to "FRY", he about croaked! I get the impression that they might not have always seen eye to eye working together. Anyway, that was a big adjustment to get past (for him, not me!).

Wayne shares his birthday with a younger sister, DiAnne. I would also like to add that DiAnne has always been someone I looked up to for example. I watched as she starched slips, curled her hair, put make-up on, played the piano (yes, the famous piano that I gouged long marks in with a screwdriver! and was later ruined in a deluge of water), and even got to attend some dates with her and whatever boy was infatuated with her at the time. She always encouraged me to stretch higher, to push harder, and to expand my talents and abilities, even when I didn't think I had any!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO WAYNE & DIANNE. I love them both and pray for many more days to enjoy their company.


Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung at Sue's house . . . finally! I have hesitated in planting any flowers, although we have had some pretty decent days. However, those decent days have then been followed by "snow days" --- we're the only state where you can experience all 4 Seasons in a day! I planted this little tree last fall, and was thinking I wouldn't get any blossoms on it 'til next Spring; but it knew how badly I wanted to see them peek out. I'm so stoked!!



I just want to introduce some of you to cousins that are all about Miles' age. These are grandchildren {except Matt} of Nadine and Clyde. There is J.D., Matt, Jared, Jase, Charlene, and Brodie.

And I have BREAKING NEWS -- Matt and his girlfriend are expecting a baby girl on Father's Day. We had a family shower for them yesterday, and they received so many lovely gifts. Thanks to all who came and supported them.

No one has ever accused Matt of doing the "conventional" thing.


4 Weeks in 4 Paragraphs

I loved the remark in General Conference by Elder Eyring when he said: "The problem in saying "Someday" is that it means "Not this day". I have meant to get back to this since the first of the month. Procrastination is definitely something I need to improve on.

Just checking . . .Yes, it's been almost 4 weeks since I last posted. I have had good intentions, just not alot of productive time on the computer. "Let's start at the very beginning --- A very good place to start". My niece, Clydene, who is very creative, crafty, and can literally turn a disaster into a keepsake sent me this link and I received permission from her to forward to you so that you could read the story. Grandpa Wayne's Mother, Ina, had an old upright piano, that was her pride and joy. She learned to play as a young girl from a lady who lived up the hill from them in Morgan. Mother couldn't read music very well, but I'm told she could sit down and play any tune you asked her to by ear; and she had a beautiful singing voice, which she was called upon to use at many church occasions. Wayne's younger sis, Aunt DiAnne inherited her ear for music, and the old piano. A few years back, DiAnne and Glen returned home from a trip down to St. George, and found that there had been a major flood inside their home from a broken water line. The water seeped through the upper floor into the basement where the piano was; Clydene has written the rest of the story on this link: http://www.robomargo.com/music.html I wanted to share this with all of you. They didn't publish the poem that is in the lid on the chest, so I'm including here:

This Old Trunk

Don’t be fooled by this old trunk, I’m sure you could not guess,
It lived a very different life quite some time ago and
It used to be a big brown piano, many years ago,
Played by a beautiful mother who loved her children so.

As fate would have it, her parting came all too soon,
Giving up a mother’s dream, …never to play another tune.
She didn’t want to leave that day, but a special call came,
Leaving behind her children, things would never be the same.

Over the years the memory of her music would ring through and through,
In the home of her second daughter whose talents matched her mother’s too.
As three generations ran their fingers over the black and white keys,
Playing the simple songs,....she surely would have been pleased.

Fate took i
ts toll on the old brown piano, no more could it sing,
No more could it play the music that was fit for a king.
What could you do with an old piano whose life had come to an end?
The heart of this old piano would soon be on the mend.

Given to your youngest daughter to fix and appreciate it’s worth,
A grand-daughter who knew Grandma, before she came to earth.
A gentleman with many talents and skills would help renew,
And now it is a memory box filled with none too few,.....

The photographs of loved ones and mementos placed inside,
To remind us of “Her” music that fate could not and would not hide.
The talents of this special Angel, the one you called Mother,
Will always and forever be in the hearts of all those who knew her.

Written for Mom - Mother’s Day 5/2004

Next on the agenda is Easter. We attended the little girls on two Easter Egg hunts -- one at the city park and the second that Curt and Brittiny hosted at our home on Sunday. It was fun to watch them scavenging the yard for eggs filled with toys and candy.

This past week has been a sad one as my sister's husband passed away after falling at his home last Saturday. They have 4 daughters, 15 grandchildren, and 40 great-grandchildren who all contributed in some way to add displays, memorabilia, slide presentations, and letters of love and pictures. The funeral was beautiful, and what a blessing we have in knowing that we will all be together again as FAMILY.


. . .Part of the Gospel Plan

This guy cracks me up . . . I'm sure you'll relate!

Kirby: Pew crawling is part of the gospel plan
Robert KirbyTribune columnistSalt Lake Tribune
Article Last Updated:03/23/2007 09:12:33 PM MDT

Several weeks ago, I was minding my own business during church when a gap-toothed freckled head suddenly appeared on the floor between my feet. A 4-year-old boy had crawled under six rows of pews to reach me. The kid wasn't interested in me. He was pursuing the common knowledge among Rosecrest 1st Ward kids that Brother Kirby doesn't care if you search his briefcase for something to eat. The rules are simple. Don't make a mess. Be quiet about it. Finally, you can have any candy, gum, Rolaids, etc., that you find, but not the Lortab. Brother Kirby needs those to get through High Priests Group. The kid located some Starburst before squirming around and heading back in the direction of his family. I monitored his progress from the surprised looks on the faces of adults. The most excruciatingly boring human experience on Earth is two minutes of church when you're 8 or 9. Time actually seems to go in reverse. You'll do anything to alleviate the smothering effects of adults worshipping their own seriousness. Some people think that any kid can be made to sit reverently in church. Teach them properly and they'll sit there like apostles for an hour. This is, of course, crap. There are only two (legal) methods by which a small child will be reverent for an entire church meeting: Benadryl and biology. Any kid who doesn't make a noise or act up during worship is either bombed or genetically compliant. True, it's important to teach kids proper behavior. But the effectiveness of any parental plan varies from kid to kid. If you don't think so, it's because you didn't raise a kid like me. My parents tried everything to get me to sit still in church - threats, love, rewards, punishment, guilt, etc. Even when the old man got fed up and snatched me out of sacrament meeting by a leg, it failed to work. I was always more afraid of being bored than I was of being whacked. Come to think of it, if someone had simply convinced me that hell was more boring than church, I'd probably be an apostle. Eventually, I realized that threatening a horrified sibling with a booger wasn't the only way to get through a church meeting. Some of church was actually interesting, and the parts that weren't had to be endured quietly out of fairness to others. After the meeting several weeks ago, the kid's father tried to apologize for his son. I told him not to worry, that it was actually a blessing in disguise. The kid and I helped each other get through church. I say, that makes Starburst and pew crawling part of the gospel plan. rkirby@ sltrib.com


Reminiscing. . .

Been working on a few technical skills for the blogging business -- finally inquired of Michele on how to get a couple of things going. We agree that it's hard to "teach an old dog new tricks"!
Because she mentioned the fact that alot of us haven't seen older pix of family members, I thought I would include a pix of Matt's (5th/6th)birthday when Miles was able to attend. We went to the zoo, and then had a picnic at the park. Weren't they just so cute? Enjoy the time with your little ones --- they grow up so fast. I know when I had a houseful, all I could think about was how great it would be to have them a little older and more independent. Then, they get that way, and you long for the time when you had total control over every aspect of their day! Anyway, these two little guys grew up to be fine men! I have decided to spotlight each of my kids on this site, so that you will either become re-acquainted or come to know them better.