Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung at Sue's house . . . finally! I have hesitated in planting any flowers, although we have had some pretty decent days. However, those decent days have then been followed by "snow days" --- we're the only state where you can experience all 4 Seasons in a day! I planted this little tree last fall, and was thinking I wouldn't get any blossoms on it 'til next Spring; but it knew how badly I wanted to see them peek out. I'm so stoked!!



I just want to introduce some of you to cousins that are all about Miles' age. These are grandchildren {except Matt} of Nadine and Clyde. There is J.D., Matt, Jared, Jase, Charlene, and Brodie.

And I have BREAKING NEWS -- Matt and his girlfriend are expecting a baby girl on Father's Day. We had a family shower for them yesterday, and they received so many lovely gifts. Thanks to all who came and supported them.

No one has ever accused Matt of doing the "conventional" thing.


4 Weeks in 4 Paragraphs

I loved the remark in General Conference by Elder Eyring when he said: "The problem in saying "Someday" is that it means "Not this day". I have meant to get back to this since the first of the month. Procrastination is definitely something I need to improve on.

Just checking . . .Yes, it's been almost 4 weeks since I last posted. I have had good intentions, just not alot of productive time on the computer. "Let's start at the very beginning --- A very good place to start". My niece, Clydene, who is very creative, crafty, and can literally turn a disaster into a keepsake sent me this link and I received permission from her to forward to you so that you could read the story. Grandpa Wayne's Mother, Ina, had an old upright piano, that was her pride and joy. She learned to play as a young girl from a lady who lived up the hill from them in Morgan. Mother couldn't read music very well, but I'm told she could sit down and play any tune you asked her to by ear; and she had a beautiful singing voice, which she was called upon to use at many church occasions. Wayne's younger sis, Aunt DiAnne inherited her ear for music, and the old piano. A few years back, DiAnne and Glen returned home from a trip down to St. George, and found that there had been a major flood inside their home from a broken water line. The water seeped through the upper floor into the basement where the piano was; Clydene has written the rest of the story on this link: http://www.robomargo.com/music.html I wanted to share this with all of you. They didn't publish the poem that is in the lid on the chest, so I'm including here:

This Old Trunk

Don’t be fooled by this old trunk, I’m sure you could not guess,
It lived a very different life quite some time ago and
It used to be a big brown piano, many years ago,
Played by a beautiful mother who loved her children so.

As fate would have it, her parting came all too soon,
Giving up a mother’s dream, …never to play another tune.
She didn’t want to leave that day, but a special call came,
Leaving behind her children, things would never be the same.

Over the years the memory of her music would ring through and through,
In the home of her second daughter whose talents matched her mother’s too.
As three generations ran their fingers over the black and white keys,
Playing the simple songs,....she surely would have been pleased.

Fate took i
ts toll on the old brown piano, no more could it sing,
No more could it play the music that was fit for a king.
What could you do with an old piano whose life had come to an end?
The heart of this old piano would soon be on the mend.

Given to your youngest daughter to fix and appreciate it’s worth,
A grand-daughter who knew Grandma, before she came to earth.
A gentleman with many talents and skills would help renew,
And now it is a memory box filled with none too few,.....

The photographs of loved ones and mementos placed inside,
To remind us of “Her” music that fate could not and would not hide.
The talents of this special Angel, the one you called Mother,
Will always and forever be in the hearts of all those who knew her.

Written for Mom - Mother’s Day 5/2004

Next on the agenda is Easter. We attended the little girls on two Easter Egg hunts -- one at the city park and the second that Curt and Brittiny hosted at our home on Sunday. It was fun to watch them scavenging the yard for eggs filled with toys and candy.

This past week has been a sad one as my sister's husband passed away after falling at his home last Saturday. They have 4 daughters, 15 grandchildren, and 40 great-grandchildren who all contributed in some way to add displays, memorabilia, slide presentations, and letters of love and pictures. The funeral was beautiful, and what a blessing we have in knowing that we will all be together again as FAMILY.


. . .Part of the Gospel Plan

This guy cracks me up . . . I'm sure you'll relate!

Kirby: Pew crawling is part of the gospel plan
Robert KirbyTribune columnistSalt Lake Tribune
Article Last Updated:03/23/2007 09:12:33 PM MDT

Several weeks ago, I was minding my own business during church when a gap-toothed freckled head suddenly appeared on the floor between my feet. A 4-year-old boy had crawled under six rows of pews to reach me. The kid wasn't interested in me. He was pursuing the common knowledge among Rosecrest 1st Ward kids that Brother Kirby doesn't care if you search his briefcase for something to eat. The rules are simple. Don't make a mess. Be quiet about it. Finally, you can have any candy, gum, Rolaids, etc., that you find, but not the Lortab. Brother Kirby needs those to get through High Priests Group. The kid located some Starburst before squirming around and heading back in the direction of his family. I monitored his progress from the surprised looks on the faces of adults. The most excruciatingly boring human experience on Earth is two minutes of church when you're 8 or 9. Time actually seems to go in reverse. You'll do anything to alleviate the smothering effects of adults worshipping their own seriousness. Some people think that any kid can be made to sit reverently in church. Teach them properly and they'll sit there like apostles for an hour. This is, of course, crap. There are only two (legal) methods by which a small child will be reverent for an entire church meeting: Benadryl and biology. Any kid who doesn't make a noise or act up during worship is either bombed or genetically compliant. True, it's important to teach kids proper behavior. But the effectiveness of any parental plan varies from kid to kid. If you don't think so, it's because you didn't raise a kid like me. My parents tried everything to get me to sit still in church - threats, love, rewards, punishment, guilt, etc. Even when the old man got fed up and snatched me out of sacrament meeting by a leg, it failed to work. I was always more afraid of being bored than I was of being whacked. Come to think of it, if someone had simply convinced me that hell was more boring than church, I'd probably be an apostle. Eventually, I realized that threatening a horrified sibling with a booger wasn't the only way to get through a church meeting. Some of church was actually interesting, and the parts that weren't had to be endured quietly out of fairness to others. After the meeting several weeks ago, the kid's father tried to apologize for his son. I told him not to worry, that it was actually a blessing in disguise. The kid and I helped each other get through church. I say, that makes Starburst and pew crawling part of the gospel plan. rkirby@ sltrib.com


Reminiscing. . .

Been working on a few technical skills for the blogging business -- finally inquired of Michele on how to get a couple of things going. We agree that it's hard to "teach an old dog new tricks"!
Because she mentioned the fact that alot of us haven't seen older pix of family members, I thought I would include a pix of Matt's (5th/6th)birthday when Miles was able to attend. We went to the zoo, and then had a picnic at the park. Weren't they just so cute? Enjoy the time with your little ones --- they grow up so fast. I know when I had a houseful, all I could think about was how great it would be to have them a little older and more independent. Then, they get that way, and you long for the time when you had total control over every aspect of their day! Anyway, these two little guys grew up to be fine men! I have decided to spotlight each of my kids on this site, so that you will either become re-acquainted or come to know them better.