Amazing Grace

It seems that ever so often...when we are feeling comfortable and smug about ourselves, God gives us a swift kick in the behind, just to remind us that we are only human, and that we should be thankful for blessings, and cognizant of frailties. At times, I feel every so thankful that I don't have the hardships that some families suffer. However....

What can I tell you about Matthew?  He is daring and compassionate; foolhardy and brave; reckless and strong; exploring new boundaries, and testing the limits. Nothing brings a parent to their knees in prayer faster than learning that their child is in trouble.  We have known for a few years that there was something wrong with the way Matt felt - his complaint of pain, his posture, which was slowly stiffening and stooping, and the way he carried himself.  He has always been such an active person, who enjoyed sports, and getting down to play with the little kids. Suddenly, it was becoming evident that he couldn't do the things he enjoyed most. How devastating it was to learn of his deteriorating condition, known as Anklyosing Spondilitis, just as he was making the decision to begin a new life with Sabrina and their children. How quickly things change, and turns ideas from hope to despair.

They made their dream trip to Kauai (the Healing Island) in Hawaii in May of 2014 to be married. I was able to share in this beautiful ceremony on the beach and enjoyed 4 days with them as they experienced new-found joy in making a life together. When you come to Kauai, you are nourished by the spirit of Aloha and the power of nature. Many people come to Hawaii to heal – whether they are just getting out of a long relationship, grieving over someone or something lost, or getting over an illness or major life change. They were able to visit there two years previous, and Matthew stated that he never felt better than he had there. Matt did everything that he could to live life to the fullest. He married his best friend and love of his life, Sabrina, he spent hours in the ocean, swam with a wild sea turtle, climbed a tree, and even went cliff jumping in the same spot where he was married. After the jump, something seemed very wrong. Matthew had broke his neck in the jump.

Now, our family is all looking toward a much different future for this little family, as they consider the surgery and recovery time it will take for Matthew to be back on his feet. The surgery itself, can take 8-10 hours. The recovery time is up to 3 months. The pain, he believes, can't be much worse that he has been experiencing for the past years. He knows that he will have a better self-image because he won't be stooped and looking at the ground as he walks. I pray that all of this will be of benefit to his health and that Heavenly Father will bless him and his loving wife and family as he approaches this situation.

Please take a moment to research this dread and un-commonly known degenerative disease. Like all other diseases, it strikes silently and with a vengeance.


Because I haven't taken the opportunity to blog the way I should have, it's gonna take some time to catch up and I've decided I'm gonna have to work backwards!  Weston and Taylor, both children of Heather's, celebrated special birthdays in the last two months, and my oldest grand-daughter, Kloyie turned 15. 

Weston turned 8; he is excited for scouts, and doing so well in school that the teacher and principal have suggested he attend school for exceptional students. We always knew that 'big Noggin was meant for more than bouncing off walls and down the stairs! He has been involved in soccer, baseball, and now Jr. Jazz basketball. I love those brown eyes, and that smile!
Next, would be Weston's beautiful sister, who turned 12!  Where does the time go? She is one of the prettiest gals, with gorgeous hazel eyes that sometimes look green and sometimes gold!  She has played soccer as well, and is now in a gymnastics/tumbling class. She is also taking ballroom dancing at school.
Next up would be the vibrant Kloyie Ann, who just recently moved with her sister Skyla and her Mom up to Washington. We miss having them at our family gatherings, but catch a glimpse of them once in awhile on Facebook, or texts.  She is growing up so fast, thinking of boys, and driving cars! 

And finally, would be the two of the nicest blessings in my life...Heather and Heidi.  They celebrated a fairly momentous birthday of 30+something. All three of us try not to think about how much 'something'! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to these wonderful blessings in our lives. Each have individual personalities, with so much enthusiasm for life, and excitement for what the future holds for them. Each one possesses a special part of my heart, and memories that I hold dear. Being a Mother and a Grandmother is truly Life's greatest joys, and Biggest job!


Head up, heart open. To better days!

After 2 (?) years away from this blogging business, I decided I needed to try my hand at it again. It's difficult navigating through it and trying to figure out what I did before. I know these pages have been quiet lately. It is not that I don't have anything to share, I have just been in a different place in my life and making changes that I hope are for the better. I know I'm in a much more peaceful place and love having independence that I don't feel I was ever able to experience in my youth. With the unpacking of boxes at a new location, going through old photos and memories flooding back of my childhood, my children's childhoods, and now my grandchildren, I find that my value of material goods has diminished. I float through my days remembering good friends, times in my life that left an impression, realizing that some things I have done in my life need to be apologized for, and cherishing the day for what it offers, and what I can do to make it more enjoyable.


Earth Day ~ 2012

Plant a seed in this fertile soil
Explore the beauty of the blossoms
Prune out the dead areas of this tired old tree
Make something beautiful from the weathered wood
Marvel in the miracle of the Mother Earth's resources
Teach the children the importance and Love of God's greatest creation.



SURVIVED THE 'RAPTURE'...See you did too!
My two oldest grand-daughters moved away from us; We really miss having Kloyie and Skyla at our family get-togethers!

Taylor performed in a recital for an 'after-school' dance class she has been in this past year;

Laila and Seth got a new outdoor gym in their backyard and this is Laila's newest trick!

Seth could swing all day...

Enjoyed having most, but not all of us together for Father's Day... ;-(

Matt and Sloane

Seth, Taylor, Weston, Laila (what a pose!)

We celebrated Sloaney's 4th Birthday and handed off birthday gifts to Skyla who turned 9!

Seth celebrated his 2nd Birthday with "BungeBob";


I acquired Grandpa Fry's old EDISON record player (and it still plays!)

Laila's FIRST dance recital - she ROCKED!



Our lovely Laila-Bug is 6 years old...it's hard to imagine this, as I remember driving frantically down from Boise to try and be there for her entrance into the world. We missed it by about an hour, and I was heartbroken! She was truly a most beautiful baby, with long dark hair, gorgeous eyes and the most perfectly sweet smelling head. For anyone that knows me - I love the smell of babies...except when they have poopy diapers!

We celebrated with a party the Sunday before, at Aunt Faye's, with all the family. But when I asked her what her birthday 'day' had been, she excitedly told me it was 'AWESOME'. I asked her what made it so great, and she told me she got to hand out treats to her classmates, and that they all had made individual cards for her. "It was the Greatest Birthday Ever!"

We so enjoy her effervescence, her total enthrallment with fairies and princesses, and her enthusiasm at learning new skills in school. She loves her Mom & Dad and Seth, being with her cousins, and copying anything that Taylor likes or does.

Happy Birthday Laila - We love you so much and are happy that you find so much enjoyment in your life.



The past week has been crazy, what with finishing [I mean starting....] Christmas shopping, having a few of the grandkids over to spend time with Grandma doing some baking and decorating, attending Christmas cantatas, and FAMILY gatherings (which are the BEST!). To begin this busy month, Kloyie and Skyla came over and decorated my Christmas tree - can I tell you what a treat it is to have someone else do that? If they don't do it, it probably wouldn't get done! Because I'm working this year, I wasn't able to get to any of the grandkids school programs; but then again, I wasn't told of any either! Maybe they just weren't involved in any...maybe the schools are being prejudiced by political agendas that would like to see all mention of CHRISTmas out of the school protocol. Taylor and Laila spent the night and I took them to see the Christmas lights at Layton City Park; then we decorated Christmas cookies for them to take home to their Mom. When my kids were little this was a huge endeavor for us to do at Christmas and Valentines Day - cutting out cookies, baking and decorating for the neighbors. The 3rd weekend, I had Weston come over to build and decorate a Christmas train engine. I mentioned that maybe we should get Uncle Curt involved on the engineering end of it - the results were AWESOME! As we were finishing up the engine, Matt, Alysa and Sloane showed up and it quickly went from the 'little engine that could' to the whole train, and a village. A large piece of cardboard was found and covered with foil - and then Mike and Connor showed up.....their contributions were of a more "natural" essence with trees, a bonfire, deer, and lotsa poop! Droppings by the outhouse and around the lone pine tree. I was thrilled to see that my adult man children were having as much (or MORE) fun than the little kids doing this. In fact, we've decided that next year it will be a family project - where we will put the finished masterpiece is unknown. I know Weston took this one home and it's sitting downstairs in Heather's family room on their ping-pong table. Merry Christmas, Santa - looks like you'll have hot chocolate and your choice of cookies, candy, and deer droppings! We all were invited into the Campbell home for their annual Christmas Family gathering. Such a spread of delicious food, warm feelings of love, interrupted only once by the crashing of a broken village piece upon the tile floor, and the Christmas program, carefully orchestrated by our 'in-house' producer, director, and most times STAR, Teri. This is a tradition that DiAnne started when her children were small; then when my kids and both of our grandkids started coming up thru the ranks, all were utilized in some way into the Nativity story. Interesting that little Seth was the Baby Jesus last year, and this year he is a toddler. How time flies! And Sloane's famous response to Santa ~ I WANT A DIAMOND! I train them young, don't I? Perfect advertising for Morgan Jewelers!
It is now a very quiet Sunday - outside is a blanket of new fallen snow! Guess I commented too soon about getting used to having a balmy Christmas with snow in the mountains and grass in the valley!