Life is a gift

The Other Side of 80
by Joye Crouch

'Read the title over again. When you get to be my age I am thankful every day for the gift of life. I have enjoyed my life up to now, and I intend on treating it as a gift and do all in my power to take care of myself in body and spirit. I don’t get to church so I have to do something that will let me through the pearly gates. That is why I do all the crocheting-donating it to charities, the homeless shelters, and other organizations that take care of the ones not as fortunate as I am.'

Hard to believe that just last summer this funny group of old codgers were visiting in the back yard of my cousin after her daughter's wedding ceremony. This summer finds Aunt Joye, Margie, and Tom all struggling with health issues. Even Nadine is looking at possible surgery on her hands for carpal tunnel. Me & Whitey? We're just ornery!

I am including a link: for the obituary of our cousin's grandson who drowned. He will be buried in No. Carolina.

Swimsuit Season

As always, when I need advice I turn to my most trusted friends. I do this because I know you will always be candid and honest with me.

I need your opinion on something that has been bothering me for some time now.

I am counting on you, so please don't let our friendship influence your answer.
Thanks in advance!

Does this bikini make my butt look too big? Hope this put a smile on your face!




I just love this photo of Janette on her wedding day with Nadine.

As precocious as Whitey was, Janette was a tender heart! They are sisters, but you’d never know it unless you look into their icy blue eyes, and see their beaming smile; but that’s where the similarities end! Whitey is a ditzy blond {did I say that}, and Nettie is a redhead. Whitey does not have freckles – Janette does not have difficulty knowing what is right and left. They both have many talents – sewing, writing poetry, the love for children, animals, and the great outdoors. Janette loved playing the mandolin for her Dad; Clydene loved teasing her Dad.

Janette has recently jumped on the ‘Bloggin Wagon’ and I’m so glad that what started with Vicky’s family trying to keep in touch with each other, has extended to another limb of the family tree. Now if we can just encourage Vicky to start writing one . . .

Brave Connor!

Connor came thru surgery to correct his flat feet yesterday with flying colors! The doctor and nurses said he was so brave about the whole procedure, and when his Mom asked him if he was afraid at all, he replied 'NO Mom, I was asleep!' He loved showing me the brightly colored royal blue wrappings on his feet, and was even more proud of the light blue one on his wrist, where they had the needles for intravenous, and the tattoo he got. They also gave him a croaky frog and we took him over a game for his playstation. He will not be able to jump or run for at least a month - but can walk on them as soon as he wants! Nothing will keep this guy down . . .

He's so brave, and I so proud of him.


This Weekend in Review!

Occurrences in the past few weeks have led me to think about 3 important aspects in our lives – 1} We have a loving Heavenly Father who is always aware of us; 2} We appreciate the strength and cornerstone in our lives – our families; and 3} gratitude for the value of friendship.

This past weekend was particularly traumatic for a family member when her husband was thrown from his horse, and ended up being transported to the hospital for observation. Altho, it could have been much worse, he came thru with some bruises and a concussion; but having just gone thru a similar experience a year ago with her Father, needless to say the whole family of this brave cowpoke were beside themselves with fear and worry. Thank you God, for watching over him and protecting him from serious injury – and thank you for standing beside the family offering solace to them.

"The guardian angels of life sometimes fly so high as to be beyond
our sight, but they are always looking down upon us."
-Jean Paul Richter

On Friday, Connor had his Kindgergarten graduation - they had a cute musical program, and then handed out their certificates. The parents and grandparents were then invited down to the kids classrooms to see their work and activities for the year with a cute video, which the teacher had a copy of for each child! Congratulations, Connor! You did such a great job with your speaking part and you are now a 1st grader.

“Your sons weren't made to like you. That's what grandchildren are for.”
-Jane Smiley

On Saturday, about a dozen of us gathered to honor a wonderful sister-in-law who celebrated a fairly monumental birthday on the 14th. I won’t say her age, but let me just tell you that she is an ageless beauty with that amazing Swedish bloodline that keeps them fair-haired, blue eyed and youthful, hopefully forever! We appreciate the example that she has been in our family. We love you, El.

“There's no vocabulary for love within a family - love that's lived in but not looked at; love within the light of which all else is seen; the love within which all other love finds speech. This love is silent."
-T S Eliot

A few weeks ago, I had a disturbing call from the daughter of a long-time friend to let me know that her Mom was in the hospital ICU. Struggling with health issues, I wondered what had been the cause of her hospital stay. On that day I re-learned something important about life: life is primarily about people -- not plans and schedules, not to-do lists and a million tasks left undone -- it's about people.

To love and to know that we are loved is the greatest happiness of existence. And happiness seems to be something that is in short supply for too many of us! My friend reminded me that it is never enough just to love; we must also express it. What good are our affectionate feelings toward others if we don't find ways to let them know?

George William Childs put it like this: "Do not keep the alabaster box of your love and friendship sealed up until your friends are dead. Fill their lives with sweetness. Speak approving, cheering words while their ears can hear them and while their hearts can be thrilled and made happier. The kind things you mean to say when they are gone, say before they go."

All of us need words of encouragement. It leaves us with feeling a satisfying lump of warmth in our chest. Happiness ... may be just a phone call away.

When it hurts to look back and your scared to look ahead you can look beside you and your best friend will be there."


Happy Birthday, Nicholas!

I wanted to send out a Happy Birthday to Nick. He is the oldest son of Tom and Teri, and the grandson of Glen and DiAnne.



For those in the family unaware of a little toe-headed, precocious and very mischievous imp of a child, I would like to introduce you to 'Whitey'. This is a little girl who wandered up on Main Street in Kaysville, and was encouraging cars to "Come on up and see me sometime" with a Mae West pose {someone I just recently found out she wanted to be when she grew up}. She has grown into a wonderful person who is a comfort and caretaker to her Mother since Clyde passed away last April. She is so talented in so many areas, I can’t begin to tell you. She quilts, she crafts, she gardens, she writes - she is ‘Wonder Whitey’! I encourage you all to take a look at her newest creation – which is going to be a great place to see some of her many sides.


Jet Skis Aren't For Everyone!

Sorta Gives new meaning to the terms:
Wide Load, Low Rider, High Tide, and Full Moon!
Not to mention: Crack Kills!


Family time well spent on a sunny, Sunday afternoon!

Vicky was so impressed with my 'techno talents and slideshow wizardry' that I thought I would do another one. They're simple to do and a fun way to get photos on the blog without having to mess with photoshopping! We met a few of the kids at Pine View yesterday for Father's Day. Matt had gone golfing with a friend and was headed into SLC with Alysa's family and Heather & Gary were doing something with his Dad. We had a good time with the floats, making sand castles, and playing on the swing. There's not alot of beach, so Mike and Shari and Curt headed up there around 7AM to scout out a spot for the rest of us. Connor and Laila had a great time and were completely exhausted by the time they headed home and everyone got cooked to the "lobster" point!


Happy Father's Day to all the Men!

To the Dad's in my life - the one who is a Dad to my children, and to the men who are Dad's to my grandchildren! To my brothers, and the men in my extended family - I Love you All!

Happy Father’s Day
Sue Shifflett

Dad ** We Love you
For all you say and do.
When we have problems ** thick or thin
You’re always there to guide us through.

We’ve had our share of arguments
& disagreements too.
But in the end, we always tried to do
What we thought you’d want us to.

You’re always giving us advice
On which road in life to take.
And suggesting a more “logical” way
When decisions we must make.

You taught us how to ride a bike
Your taught us how to fly a kite
You taught us what was wrong from right
You taught us how to stand up and fight.

You taught us that we must remain true **
To our God, our family, and ourselves.
You showed us that you loved us
By allowing us to dream, while keeping out feet firmly planted on Earth.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad
June 2005


Skyla's & Sloane's birthday partys

Happy Birthday, Elma!

Elma and her 3 Beautiful daughters!

I just wanted to wish my sweet sis-in-law, Elma, the happiest of birthdays. She is the matriarch of our Fry family, and we all love being around her. She always welcomes everyone into her home, with such warmth and love. Happy Birthday, El!


Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Jeff – from diapers to dungarees
You were a cowboy “at Heart”.
Boots & hat, holster & guns
Were the last to come off and the first things on.
And with the same abandonment from your childhood days
You greet and meet people, and they become your friends.

Jeff is the son of DiAnne & Glen. He is the consummate Master Dutch Oven chef - he can plan and execute any company, church, or family function; he loves to hunt, fish, and golf {generally PLAY}! He and Karen have two beautiful daughters, Shaylee and Kristen, and a son, Ryan who is serving a mission in Ohio. He is currently fulfilling his role as the patient Father of the Bride with replies to anything asked of him with ‘Don’t worry about it – Money’s not a problem’, ‘Whatever she wants’, and ‘Yes, Dear’!

When I asked Shay if she had any dirt on her Dad, she was more than happy to supply me with a couple of cute stories: Ha ha! funny you ask.....well today we went and finalized stuff at the reception center and photographer for my wedding. At the reception center he took Kristen up to the Brides room to show her while I was signing some papers and he got teary eyed for the second time! When we left the center, he had a warm fuzzy feeling. Ha, he's a little bit emotional when it comes to wedding plans!!
Another thing is, he's going to play softball with our ward tomorrow night and with it being Friday the 13th he's afraid something might happen...about 4 years ago he played softball with the ward and pulled both hamstrings...not a pretty sight for him but for us it was hysterical!!!! So GO JEFF in Softball tomorrow! Hmmm...tomorrow he is going fishing with Grandpa Glen bright and early, maybe playing golf too....other then that I think that's all the dirt I know. Basically all he does is work and hang out with my mom and me, since I don't have
anyone to hang out with.

Jeff is always a 'cut up' and I just love this photo of him – he kinda looks like a Ninja Buddha!

Happy Birthday Jeffy, and love...


Happy 1st Birthday, Sloane!

Baby Sloane

You floated in on angel wings
With golden curls and eyes as blue as the sky
Nestling yourself into the crook of our arms and in our hearts
From now until the end of time

Your ‘firsts’ have been a joy to see
Awe-struck at your first smile
Inspired by the cute baby sounds – babbles and coos
and the funny expressions on your face
The cute way you put one arm over your eyes
and rub your head when you are sleepy.

Daddy calls me ‘Booger’ and Momma calls me ‘LoaneyLoo’
Grandma Susie thinks my smile is cheesy
And ‘Tiny Mite’ is what I’m called, by my Grandma Sue
Soft & Pink - Sweet baby candy
Children are like seeds - Nurtured with Love
In each there is a promise of the Future.

Happy 1st Birthday, Sloane; you've stolen a corner of my heart!


Happy 6th Birthday, Skyla!

Sweet, Sassy & Sensational Six

Six years of hi-jinx, teasing, and fun
Six years of wondering where she is & what she has done
Six years of mischievous tricks and giggles
Six years of wonderment and wiggles
Six years of twinkling blue eyes, and a smile that won’t end
Six years of being sweet, sassy and sensational!

Her friends are Julia and Emma
Her favorite movies are Monster House, Transformers, and anything scary!
Her favorite toy is from Disneyland - the lion Simba
She loves horses, and zebras, and cats, I think
Her favorite colors are red & pink

So much to be learned in your first year of school
Letters (big & small), numbers and shapes
Learning to read and recognizing patterns
Reading stories, her favorite is ‘no David no!’
Playing games, learning manners, and obeying rules.

Every child is a story, yet to be told.
The years have gone by . . .
Now you're 6 years old!
You’re a whirling dervish of activity and noise
Six years of Skyla is what we’re celebrating!

Happy Birthday, Skyla
Love, Grandma Shifflett


Spent a beautiful sunny Sunday at the car show today with Shari and Connor. We got to drive her Dad's vintage Olds convertible over to the show. Met up with some old friends who have a classy Harley/Hearse setup - check their site out. I told Scott I'd set up a reservation and if I wasn't there by the time I'm 70, he can come pick me up -- I'll be ready!

We took Connor's picture on it and then went over to the show area, where they were showing off a fire breathing jelly belly wagon! The flames actually smelled like cinnamon -- you know I was there! This thing was so dang hot, it about burned the hair o
ff our head!