October's becoming a fairly busy month -- it used to be just the '3 H's' - Heidi, Heather & Halloween. Between b-days, finishing up soccer games for Kloyie & Skyla (half of which were stormed out!), and a Halloween carnival for Kloyie's and Skyla's school, I believe we are just about ready to finish out the month with Halloween!

We were all over to Heather & Gary's yesterday to celebrate The Boy's b-day. They are great host's and it was fun to have everyone together. Good thing Heather, Heidi and their little girls helped him celebrate on the 23rd, because since then, he got an ear infection that required an antibiotic, which resulted in an allergic reaction and HIVES covering most his little body! LOOK AT THE WELTS ON THIS POOR BABY (think Will Smith on HITCH)-swollen eyes and ears, itchy red splotches and pretty much miserable - he did hang in there pretty good long enough to open his gifts, eat a scoop of ice cream & a slice of cake.

Fay's husband sat and drew caracatures of everyone. He's a Good Sport to do this for every family gathering! I have yet to have one done, as I'm trying to think of a good character for this funny face! But all of the kids were a RIOT.



Weston is Heather's 2nd child and the 6th grandchild on both sides of the family!(aka Pumpkin Head, Bobble-Noggin & The Boy)

One year old? What a SURPRISE!
See that look of shock in my eyes?
Growing up is quite hard work --
But something we must never shirk!

I've learned to roll, and then to crawl
I yell for Taylor -- I throw the ball.
I bark just like the doggies do
And stick my fingers in doggie poo!

My 'Grandma Sue' thinks that I am tops
I try to please her with all my PROPS -
There's Bah'Ba, who'zat, bye-bye and naughty
My next big step will be to 'go Potty'!

I'm pulling myself up to everything that stands
This is done with my teeth -- along with my hands!
I know that pinching and biting aren't nice
But the trouble I get from it gives Mom such a rise!

My Momma tells Taylor to be nice and to share
Cuz one day, I'll be bigger 'n tougher 'n meaner;
I may sit on her - I may punch her
I may even pull her hair!

We all know that I'm just as SWEET as can be
Look at that face - Who could doubt my intent?
I'm one, I'm fun, I'm not here to torment!
So just love me, and feed me, and make sure that I'm happy
And if you're lucky, I may lay down for my "POWER" nappy!


The Jesus Store

Funny Story - Heather, Taylor, Weston and I were out shopping on Friday for Kloyie's birthday at Deseret Book. Heather & I walked around the entire store looking at decorations, plaques, books, sampling SnickerDoodles(!) We wandered into the pictures and started picking out our favorite pix of the Savior. We decided we love the new versions that have him more animated - blue eyes, and especially the ones with children.

Anyway, Taylor pipes up with 'How come there's so many pictures of Jesus here?' Along with the 'insanity thing we inherit from our kids', I've picked up on my kid's qUICKwIT! Heather and I reply simultaneously, 'Cuz this is the Jesus Store'. We hear two ladies on the other side of the shelves laughing. . .Oh No! We've been caught in our sarcasm!

Taylor's last question: 'Why does Jesus need a store?' Good question, Taylor. I think even Jesus would laugh at that.


Kloyie's Eight!

Kloyie is my oldest grandchild and daughter to my 3rd son, Curtis.

Such a special day for a Special little girl
Turning eight years old has put you in a Whirl!
"My Dad's going to baptize me", you say
How wonderful that this is the Highlight of your day.

No thought of party, gifts, or cake,
Only that you're turning Eight
And knowing that you'll be baptized
Has put you into such a state.

"Choose the Right" will be your motto
"What would Jesus Do?"
If you follow the baptismal covenants
and are quiet enough to hear the Spirit whisper
You'll know how to stay true.

Our little Kloyie - Eight Today!
And how the years are slipping away,
Always so many things to do
Never much time for just we two.
The length of you - All legs and arms!
those artful poses and subtle charms
A studied indifference upon your face
Changing as I watch you grow
Becoming someone new to know.

I have such things I want to say
To show you, if I can, the way
to see the world in golden shades
To never lose your chosen way.
To stay safe when others are at risk
To know how to love and who to kiss.

So Happy Birthday, Eight Today!
With all my Love, Grandma


Twice the Love - Double the Delight!

29 Years ago on October 6th, a Blessing X2 came into our lives! The vibrant colors of the Autumn leaves, the humbling serenity of a Conference weekend, the total AWE of 2 perfect baby girls, who have transformed into special women with an inner strength, beauty and talent -- and two of my Best Friends!

Heidi we nicknamed 'Kitten', because she laid so quiet & cuddly - just like a kitten when it curls up on your lap to sleep. Heather was 'Squeaky' - everytime her eyes opened, her mouth opened!(much like a baby bird who awaits it's Mother's return with something to eat). She was not awake without wanting attention. You'll notice Heidi gets "Top Billing" on this shared day as she came 2 minutes earlier than her sister.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Heidi & Heather - I Love you so much!

Twin by Chance, Friend by Choice

Sister, Friend, but so much more
One would not be here without the other
So when you think you're all alone
Don't look to strangers . . . Seek out your sister.

Sharing everything since birth
Sleeping, eating, pooping, toys
The only thing I don't remember
Is that you might've shared the BOYS!

Alike, yet different . . .
With your individual style
Choosing friends who didn't fit the other
Always coming home to share with your sister.

Proud to call you both "my daughter"
Praying that you will remain happy, and close to each other.
'Tis no other more special. . . I've said it before
Sister, Friend, but so much more.

(Happy Birthday-October 6, 2005)

I love you both, all the way from Heaven and Back!


The Naughty Ladies of Cherry Hill . . .

The naughty ladies of Cherry Hill
Have hit the town like a bomb.
The back fence gossip ain't been this good
Since Margie ran off with Uncle Tom!
Our town was peaceful and quiet
Before they came on the scene
The ladies have started such a riot
Disturbin' the suburban routine.

You should see how they carry on
With their admirers galore
They must be giving them quite a thrill
The way the guys all flock to their door.
They throw those 'come-hither' glances
To ev'ry Tom, Glen & Wayne
When offered some liquid refreshment
These ladies, they never complain!

The naughty ladies of Cherry Hill
Have the town in a whirl;
The naughty ladies of Cherry Hill
Me o' my, oh what cute girls.

The thing they're trying to pin on them
Won't hold much long, I'm sure.
Beneath the powder and fancy lace
There beats little hearts sweet and pure.
They just need someone to change them
Then they'll be nice as can be.
"If you in the neighborhood, Stranger'
You're welcome to drop in and see."

The naughty ladies of Cherry Hill
So delightful to hold;
The naughty ladies of Cherry Hill
They're delectable - quite respectable
And they're only two weeks old!

(Written and sung by Vicky & Kris
for a Heidi's & Heather's baby shower)

Anniversaries, & Birthdays & more, OH MY!

The month of September was a BIG month of special birthdays & anniversaries. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Krissy, Vicky, Paige, Shaylee & Jessica.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the DelHoyo's, the Rix's, the Campbells, the Pedersen's and the Banford's