Because I haven't taken the opportunity to blog the way I should have, it's gonna take some time to catch up and I've decided I'm gonna have to work backwards!  Weston and Taylor, both children of Heather's, celebrated special birthdays in the last two months, and my oldest grand-daughter, Kloyie turned 15. 

Weston turned 8; he is excited for scouts, and doing so well in school that the teacher and principal have suggested he attend school for exceptional students. We always knew that 'big Noggin was meant for more than bouncing off walls and down the stairs! He has been involved in soccer, baseball, and now Jr. Jazz basketball. I love those brown eyes, and that smile!
Next, would be Weston's beautiful sister, who turned 12!  Where does the time go? She is one of the prettiest gals, with gorgeous hazel eyes that sometimes look green and sometimes gold!  She has played soccer as well, and is now in a gymnastics/tumbling class. She is also taking ballroom dancing at school.
Next up would be the vibrant Kloyie Ann, who just recently moved with her sister Skyla and her Mom up to Washington. We miss having them at our family gatherings, but catch a glimpse of them once in awhile on Facebook, or texts.  She is growing up so fast, thinking of boys, and driving cars! 

And finally, would be the two of the nicest blessings in my life...Heather and Heidi.  They celebrated a fairly momentous birthday of 30+something. All three of us try not to think about how much 'something'! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to these wonderful blessings in our lives. Each have individual personalities, with so much enthusiasm for life, and excitement for what the future holds for them. Each one possesses a special part of my heart, and memories that I hold dear. Being a Mother and a Grandmother is truly Life's greatest joys, and Biggest job!


Head up, heart open. To better days!

After 2 (?) years away from this blogging business, I decided I needed to try my hand at it again. It's difficult navigating through it and trying to figure out what I did before. I know these pages have been quiet lately. It is not that I don't have anything to share, I have just been in a different place in my life and making changes that I hope are for the better. I know I'm in a much more peaceful place and love having independence that I don't feel I was ever able to experience in my youth. With the unpacking of boxes at a new location, going through old photos and memories flooding back of my childhood, my children's childhoods, and now my grandchildren, I find that my value of material goods has diminished. I float through my days remembering good friends, times in my life that left an impression, realizing that some things I have done in my life need to be apologized for, and cherishing the day for what it offers, and what I can do to make it more enjoyable.