Happy 1st Father's Day!

Happy 1st Father's Day to Matt! Fatherhood looks good on him....don't you think?!

Let's see . . . thinking about the new baby; getting the new baby; lovin' on the new baby has pretty well taken up all our time!

However, before the new baby, Woody, Heidi, Laila and I all took a trip down to Hurricane to visit Mike and family over Memorial Day weekend. We had alot of fun with them -- met some of their friends, and went swimming! Mike also took us over to an old pioneer cemetary in Grafton, where we saw some interesting headstones where these poor folk were murdered by Indians!

On June 11th, Curt's little girl, Skyla, turned 5 (we also had 3 born in 2002!), and we had a party over in their backyard. Ate cupcakes that were baked in icecream cones, and the kids played with some funny balloons that you just blow up and let go (they fly around like a rocket making a noise)! Kids seem to be entertained by the simplest of things. Skyla also got a swing set, and much needed clothes for summer and to start kindergarten in the fall.