The ROLLERCOASTER ride we call Utah weather! And we wonder why Utahns are taking antidepressants at twice the rate per capita of other states?! PROOF that the CALIFORNIA sun is good for the soul!

The typical symptoms of SAD include depression, lack of energy, increased need for sleep, a craving for sweets and weight gain. Symptoms begin in the fall, peak in the winter and usually resolve in the spring. Some individuals experience great bursts of energy and creativity in the spring (which lasted all of 15 minutes two days ago!) or early summer. Some people with SAD have mild or occasionally severe periods of mania during the spring or summer.

Logically speaking, this would be the explanation for my moodiness; my lack of ambition; craving ice cream, candy, and pastries; and wanting to strangle the weatherman when I see him at the local grocery store! I'm left with the delusion of wondering when SPRING is finally gonna peek out from the grey?



This is for Kari and Kacy, who both tagged me. Maybe I should've doubled up on each category; but this was taxing my brain hard enough!

What were you doing 5 years ago?

2003? I was employed with Morgan Jewelers at the Corporate office in inventory

5 things on my List of To-do’s Today:

1. Blog & emails
2. Laundry
3. Go to Kloyie’s and Skyla’s soccer games
4. Pick up some groceries
5. Read

5 Snacks I love:

1. Jerky
2. Grapes
3. Crackers
4. Crunch & Munch
5. Ice Cream

5 Things I would do if I became a Billionaire:

1. TOTAL Makeover
2. Pay all debts
3. Two homes in two completely different climates
4. Trust funds for my grandkids
5. Vacation

5 bad habits:

1. Drinkin’
2. Smokin’
3. Cussin’
4. Carousin’
5. Gluttony

(Oh, You mean for me?!)

5 places I have lived:

If you count Davis County, there are 6 (Layton, Clearfield, Kaysville, Bountiful, Centerville, Syracuse)! If you go by location, there’s only 3 (So. Weber, SLC, Boise) So we’ll have to split the difference.

5 Jobs I have had:

1. Ross & Jacks Burger Spud
3. Ford Motor Credit Co.
4. Universal Genealogy
5. Morgan Management Co.

5 People --Tag you’re it!
1. Heidi
2. Cara
3. Michele
4. Coree
5. Jenna

GOOD LUCK, Ladies! I've read so many of these on blogs lately, I don't know who has done them and who hasn't.


Saturday Soccer!

I spent yesterday afternoon with Alysa and Sloane. We took her for a walk over to the park close to their house to feed the ducks, geese, and seagulls . . .Yeah, mostly seagulls! Sloane is not too sure she likes the birdlife, and we had a gaggle of geese chase after us honking wildly; we must've gotten too close to their nests.

I ventured out this morning for Skyla's soccer game - What a great little soccer player! She really hustled this week, and was "in the Zone"! These little gals are so much fun to watch - just out there for the fun of running, kicking the ball, and enjoying the cheers from the sidelines. And I believe that the Pink Butterflies won their match today...YEA!

While Skyla was on the field, Kloyie was demonstrating her somersaults and headstand.

At 1 pm, Heidi, Laila, and I went to Kloyie's game. Kloyie got alot of attention and cheering from the sidelines to keep the ball going downfield. It was a much warmer day this week for the games, but very windy! I guess we have another storm blowing in.

Happy Birthday, Taylor!

Taylor is Teri's youngest son, and the 9th grandchild of DiAnne and Glen.

This is Taylor's school pix from this year. He's in 9th grade, loves classic rock and participates in the "School of Rock" where he plays guitar, bass and does vocals.

He's looking forward to a trip to China with other Jr. High students this summer. (In keeping with family tradition), he'll also start his first job this summer at Lagoon ); and he's preparing to do his Eagle Scout Project.


Happy Anniversary!

With endless love we share our thoughts . . .

our Dreams . . .

our Lives . . .

Can it really be that long? Happy 15th Anniversary to my sweet kids, Mike & Shari!


Did you procrastinate?

Joe Black




Bluebirds & Pink Butterflies

Yesterday was spent enjoying the sunshine, fresh air, and Kloyie's and Skyla's soccer games. Kloyie was Goalie for the 1st quarter and blocked 5 goals by the opposite team! Great JOB! She also hustled up and down the field at her Papa's commands to "Get in front of the ball!"

Skyla's game was at noon, and Heidi, Laila, and I headed back over to see her play. It was difficult to get her head into the game at first, but then she was running up the field as fast as her little legs would take her to "Get in front of the ball!"

Got some great pix of Kloyie's skills, but then my camera died; so I'll have to post some of Skyla's game next week. Don't ask me what the scores were -- all I'm there for is to support and enjoy the little girls! Who cares who wins?


Happy Birthday, Eryn!

Eryn is the grand-daughter of Glen & DiAnne, and the oldest daughter of Paige. She is beautiful, talented and 17 today!

The Legends & Mystique of the Butterfly - There are many legends surrounding the butterfly...Some Indian tribes believe that the butterfly is the symbol of the Soul; That it is the symbol of Joy and the essence of Happiness; That Dreams are a result of the butterfly's wanderings through other Worlds; That butterflies carry wishes to and from the Spirit World and that they are the fertility of the Earth.

A 'night' butterfly is attracted to a flame, (just as the Soul is attracted to Heavenly truths) and burns in the flame (as trials must be endured to eliminate mortal sins) before experiencing the joys of the afterlife.

On April 11, 1991, Eryn Nicole floated into our World on butterfly wings. Her beauty (just like the butterfly) and sense of Joy can be breathtaking. When she dances, she floats as if on butterfly wings - with such ease, it almost appears effortless. And like the butterfly, she will choose when and where to light. Happy Birthday and May your year be filled with Love.

Thanks to Heidi & Heather for their contribution to this entry.


A Year . . . .

What a difference a year makes –

When you look at the person at your side,
Who so recently asked to share in his life
Or the one who has been there forever to share
When plans for a future together are an everyday thought
or a thought thrown by the wayside
And each person in your life is a priority –
Rather than an obligation.

When you gaze upon the sleeping angel in your arms
Or feel the tug of a toddler’s hand on yours
And know that they are your sole responsibility
And their very life depends on what you can do for them.

When unhappiness is calmed
Only the by the warm support of arms around you
When danger or restlessness comes upon you—
Then slowly ebbs away.

When a new day breaks with
Sun’s rays – newfound hope – and renewed faith
That you will be able to make it through another day
Another week, another month, and year
Because of the loved ones around you who want to be able to help.

What a difference a year makes --

If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.



The origin of April Fool's Day remains clouded in obscurity. Basically no one knows exactly where, when, or why the celebration began....that's part of the mystique of the silliness!

"The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year."
~By Mark Twain~

I worked with a gal who always had some scenario/scheme planned for her poor hubby on this day. She told me once about how she got some police tape and had her whole house cordoned off with it, and a policeman friend standing outside to prevent him from going in. A bit extreme and I'm sure he countered with something just as EVIL the next time around.

I've never been into practical jokes, so this day is about as mundane as any other in my life!