Christmas Wishes from Someone too Lazy to Send Out Cards!

I would
like to put
up a tree in my
heart, and instead
of hanging presents,
I would like to put the
names of all my friends.
Close friends and not so close
. The old friends, the new
friends. Those that I see every day
and the ones that I rarely see. The ones
that I always remember and the ones that
I sometimes forget. The ones that are always
there and the ones that seldom are. The friends of
difficult times and the ones of happy times. Friends
who, without meaning to, I have hurt, or without meaning
to have hurt me. Those that I know well and those I only know
by name. Those that owe me little and those that I owe so much.
My humble friends and my important friends. The names of all those
that have passed through my life no matter how fleetingly. A tree with
very deep roots and very long
and strong branches so that
their names may never be
plucked from my heart. So that new names from all over may join the existing ones. A tree with a very
pleasant shade so that our friendship may take a moment of rest from the battles of life. "May the
happy moments of Xmas brighten every day of the new year". These are my sincere wishes.


December is such a busy month......sigh! I was able to see Connor get his Green Belt in Karate a week ago, and enjoyed seeing Skyla's Christmas program at school. They sang Christmas Songs from Around the World.

Congrats and Cheers to both of them! We are so proud of you.

Thanks to Heidi for helping Kloyie, Skyla and Laila decorate ornaments to put on Grandma's tree. I've decided to have them do something like this each year, and then just have a special tree with Grandchildren ornaments. They had paint, stickers, and rhinestones to decorate with.


Little known facts about St. Nick and his origin.

Today is St. Nicholas Day. St. Nicholas lived in the fourth century, and he was the archbishop of Myra in Lycia (which is now Turkey). There are all kinds of stories about him, but one of the most famous is that there was a poor man who could not afford a dowry for his three daughters, which meant they would have to be abandoned to prostitution. St. Nicholas didn't want to humiliate the man by giving him charity in public, so he left purses of gold in the man's house at night — according to one version of the story, he dropped them down the chimney, and in another, one of the daughters had set out her stockings to dry and the gold was put in them.

And so St. Nicholas, the bringer of anonymous gifts, inspired Jolly Old St. Nick, Father Christmas, and Santa Claus.

St. Nicholas Day is celebrated in many European countries and in American cities with German influence like Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Cincinnati. On the evening of November 5th, children put out their shoes, and on this morning, they wake up to find those shoes filled with small gifts from St. Nick — chocolates and cookies, fruit, marbles or other small toys.


D - E - C - E - M - B - E - R

D - Devotions
E - Everyday
C - Creates
E - Eternal
M - Meaning
B - By
E - Establishing a
R - Relationship (with Jesus Christ!)

Sometimes it feels like our days are full to the brim and that we have no time to squeeze in devotions. But, no matter what time we have to give (5 minutes, 20 minutes, an hour...), we need to do it. Sometimes our struggles in life look much bigger than they really are because our perspective is out of whack. We fail to remember that our God is BIGGER than any of our problems in this world. We feel defeated. So, we need to have the True perspective. Digging deep into God's Word will help us get just that - that God is BIG enough to take care of us and our measly problems!


TaYLoR Turns SeVeN!

Peanut, Pouty, Pink, Princess, Perfection - these are all words to describe TaYLoR. So much like her Mom-with sass, sarcasm, teasing and wanting to look pretty. Dancing her way through life, admiring butterflies and dragonflies along the way, learning to read, to subtract and add, using the computer, enjoying crafts and art with her Mom and Aunt Heidi, bossing & wrestling her little brother, making and losing friends {as they move away}, excelling in baseball and soccer, and mostly growing from a cute little girl into a young girl with potential to win over and/or break hearts!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy, TaYlOr McKeNzIe!


Thanksgiving Hope for 2009

The month of November is rapidly coming to a close - and what with all the posted 'thankfuls' on Facebook and blogs, I would be remiss if I didn't at least acknowledge the love and thanks in my heart for wonderful family, friends who always seem to be there to lift my spirits, and the ability to still be able to work when so many are out of work. As I drive past the Downtown Urban Center and Pioneer Park, and see those who are standing out in the cold without warm coats, sleeping on the cold ground with only a blanket over them, warming their hands by breathing into them, and wondering where their next meal will come from, I become more aware of the thankfulness that I have for a warm home, the choice to sleep in a bed {or out on the front room couch}, opening a fridge that has an array of good things to eat, being able to jump into a hot bath/shower and wash the previous day off, and knowing that there are many who love and appreciate the things that I try to do for them. I am thankful that we are able to enjoy freedoms that a lot of other countries do not have; the opportunity to participate in religion or spiritual partaking of choice; to voice our opinions {however menial or unimportant they may be to some}; and to be able to feel and tell others how much they are loved and appreciated.

So, as this month comes to a screaming end, and we approach the end of 2009, as well, I want to let all those who read this know, that I appreciate the comments and insights that you give to me. Each one of you adds to a level of my consciousness about what in life is truly important. Family is the BEGINNING and the EVERLASTING. There is no one who will come to your aid faster, or cover your back like family. It seems that at this time of year, as families are looking to join together, there seems to be feelings of hurt, or unresolved issues that makes one or another feel that they don't belong, or don't want to participate. I wrote a poem some 12 years ago that was inspired by just one of those situations, and again 2 years ago, when I posted it here.

As much as we try to keep PEACE within circles of friends and family, it seems that there is always room to tell them that we love them and appreciate them. Please take time to mend fences and tell people you love them and are sorry.

In keeping with the importance of family - BIRTHDAY wishes to all of the gazillion birthdays in my sister's family, especially Denice and Whitey! They are my nieces, but they are also my sisters. I love you both. Taylor turned 7 years old yesterday, but we are getting together tonight for a celebration with family at her house. Pictures to follow....



After I posted my thoughts for Weston's birthday, a friend from way, way back, in the Land before Time, sent me a little ditty that he wrote in my honor:

Along the Wasatch, I swear its true
There lives a Grandma whose name is Sue
She writes words of comfort in her spare time
And shares them with family and friends online
She dotes on her grands and makes them feel needed
And shows off their pictures and projects completed
Many call her Mom - even more stand in awe
but one sums her up with the great word "Damma"!

Thanks G.....


Happy All Hallow's Eve!

Where your eyes don't go a filthy scarecrow waves its broomstick arms
And does a parody of each unconscious thing you do
When you turn around to look it's gone behind you
On it's face it's wearing your confused expression
Where your eyes don't go.

- They Might Be Giants, Where Your Eyes Don't Go


Happy 3rd Birthday, Weston!

Weston actually turned 3 years old on the 23rd, but they were out of town, so we celebrated on Sunday night. They were worn out from traveling, their luggage hadn't even been unpacked, they had laundry to do before morning, Taylor had the largest set of infected tonsils I've ever encountered, and Weston was underwhelmed that I had got him what I thought was the perfect gift - but his Mother also bought him the same thing! So it's off to the WalMart to exchange for something else.

This Three Year Old Boy…Weston

What do I say about this three-year-old boy?

I could say that he has the most gorgeous hazel eyes

I could tell you about the pout that turns my heart inside out
I could tell you how we understand only about half of what he says

I could try to imitate the noises that he makes with his trucks, tractors,
airplanes, and power tools
I could describe to you the joy I feel – when he throws his arms around my neck or grabs my legs and say’s “Hi Damma!”
I could tell you what a great helper he is
I could tell you how he finds joy and entertainment in the simplest of things
I could tell you about how much he loves to ride in the boat or on the 4-wheeler or on a tractor

I could tell you about his fascination with bees – until he got stung

I could tell you about what a TEASE he is
But the thing I want to tell you is that I LOVE this little man and LOVE having him in our family. He brings a smile to my face even when he’s being naughty
He makes my heart warm - knowing that he loves me too.


Family, Fall, and Fishing!

OMG! Where does the time go? I just can't seem to keep on top of 'whatza happenin' in our family and lives!

First and foremost, I need to report that Gary recently went in for a PET scan which thankfully came back clear; another sigh of relief and his favorite expression....Again we are so thankful for the faith and prayers of friends and family that accomplishes much when our own test of faith seems to wane.

We've been going to watch the little girls in their soccer games - altho we have not been as faithful in getting there each week, it's always fun to see how hard they hustle up and down the field. The last game that we attended for Skyla, I noticed there was a little brunette on the opposing team, who just kept shoving and tugging at Sky, until she finally had enough, and started doing the same thing. Neither of the coaches seemed to notice - but I could tell there was a bit of a power struggle going on there. Kloyie runs until she is hyperventilating and overheating, even in the chill. Her face gets all rosy, and she looks off at the sideline, like 'when can I sit out a game?' Taylor is a tad more interested in visiting with her little friend Izzie than chasing the ball; but she comes around and hustles to help her team when they need her. Meanwhile, Weston and Laila are on the sidelines sharing snacks, fighting over the one small chair, and Weston is trying on the chair cover as a hat or using his favorite piece of cloth to whip at people, or wad up in a ball and throw in the air. I spend almost as much time at the playground with the 2 that are not playing this year, and taking pix of them learning new skills on the playground equipment. We have an 'electronic park' at the new Jr. High close to us, so I've taken Taylor and Weston over there - mainly because they have sand instead of wood chips - and Weston LOVES dirt! And baby Seth does what he does BEST - CUTE!!

After Taylor's soccer game on Saturday, Laila and I walked home. We were gonna try to visit the farmyard which has llamas, sheep, goats, turkeys, ducks, chickens, a couple of horses.....let's see, is that all? Anyway, all the animals had been moved clear to the back of the yard, so we crossed the street and stopped off at the ladies house who sells pumpkins. I couldn't resist getting this photo of her with all the fall color in the background.

By the time we reached the driveway, Curt was telling us to come into the garage to see the pigeon that was in there. Surprise - another bird experience! It was a beautiful pedigree pigeon that seemed perfectly fine to perch itself on the roof of the car for a couple of hours. Laila and Connor {who was waiting for us to get home from the game} tried feeding it some cracker crumbs - much to their dismay he was not interested and ended up making more of a mess on the roof of the car than the bird!

Matt and Curt have gone out fishing more this year. They have been up in the Uintahs, and down to a local nature park that allows fishing. They had Connor out there Saturday, while Laila and I were at the soccer game. Altho they didn't bring anything home, I did sit and watch them get nibbles. Connor said that the 'fish are really smart, Grandma. They come right up and nibble the stuff off the hook and them swim away.'

So that's pretty much what the last couple of weeks have been about - aside from what I've already posted about, and OH......I'm back working full-time. It's been kickin' my butt a little; and I'm learning that the drive into SLC can vary from about 28-30 minutes on a good day, and about an hour on others!!


Da,da,da,duh! Week in Review!

It's been one week - a week of saying good-bye to my brother, a week of welcoming Seth with a name and blessing, a week of wishing my oldest grand daughter Kloyie a Happy 10th birthday, and a week of feeling inspired by love and guided by knowledge, but on a learning curve for both! Starting back to work full-time has definitely made me appreciate the free time that I enjoyed during the week {but was actually bored with}.

Isn't it interesting that we always seem to be seeking that which we don't have - looking at the greener pastures and not realizing all the manure that makes them that beautiful color of green! I have desperately been wanting to get back to working - I need the positive re-enforcement of feeling productive.

Wednesday's Child is full of Woe - Kloyie, not a lot of time has passed in the 10 years you have been with us, yet you have endured many changes in your family unit. I have watched you evolve from a timid, quiet child, into an inquisitive, independent young girl, and now I am totally in awe of your demeanor as your anticipate the next stages of your growth. But if you want to see what the world was like on that day, check out this link.



{Military honors offered at Tom's graveside was so touching as the flag was lifted off his casket and solemnly folded with taps played in the distance. I received this note from my niece and I think her sweet expression of sympathy is so heartfelt, I just wanted to share it, as we all feel the same about Tom.}

Dear Sue,
I was down helping Quinn and Devry transition into their new home when Mom called me with the news of Uncle Tom's passing. I have felt so left out until I returned home and could sit down and read all the blogs. Everyone loved Tom so much and he touched all of our lives no matter where we lived. He is truly a man larger than life. Whenever I looked at him I saw my own dad and loved Tom even more for it. Uncle Tom represented my dad like Aunt Vena represented my mom and I loved both of them so much for that extra emotional support that they unconsciously delivered. It is a sacred spot where Uncle Tom's mortal remains now reside.

Give Leanne my love. My love goes out to you also as you are so much younger than your family and therefore have the extra emotional burden of watching them pass away. Hold firm Sue, all the rest of our family needs what you symbolize.
Love you,


Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. ~ From a headstone in Ireland

Thomas D. Fry
(January 11, 1929 - October 7, 2009)

You and me against the World
Sometimes it feels like..You and me against the World
When all the others turn their backs and walk away,
you can count on me to stay.

Remember when the Circus came to Town...
and you were frightened by the clown,
wasn't it nice to be around someone that you knew?
Someone who was big and strong and looking out for you and me
Against the World

Sometimes it feels like you and me against the World
and for all the times we cried,
I always felt that God was on our side

And when one of us is gone,
and one of us is left to carry on
Then remembering will have to do
Our Memories alone will get us through
Think about the days of me and you,
You and Me against the World

And when one of us is gone,
and one of us is left to carry on
Then remembering will have to do...
Our Memories alone will get us through

Think about the days of Me and You...
You and Me Against The World

Thinking of Leanne and her family today - the lyrics in this song by Helen Reddy have always stuck with me during sad times and made me feel like there is always someone there to lean on.


Heidi & Heather are 31'derful!!

A Poem About Twins
The heavens were excited, statistics were right.

"Gather round" the wisest of angels said, "Gods designed twins tonight."

It's quite a marvelous process as anybody knows...

Two separate souls beginning their lives, as his love just overflows.

Perhaps he'll make them just alike, or as different as can be.

But that's the way he wants it. He's planned it that way you see.

He must find a loving mom and a special dad...

For twins take special parents and the best just must be had.

So your joy is mighty special, I'm sure you know that's true.

God knew you'd be these parents and so, he's sent you two.

Top 10 Things I Love About Having Twins

These are some of the things that I love most about being a mom of twins.

1. Armfuls and Handfuls
Every child fills their parents' hearts and home with joy. That's what I really loved about having twins - the love and joy are compounded. Cradling twinfants in my arms was so incredibly, almost unbearably, sweet. Holding hands with two toddlers -- one on the right, and one on the left -- while crossing the street made me feel complete. Double hugs, double kisses... life just doesn't get any better than that!

2. Single-Mindedness
Parenting happens in stages. For people with a one-track mind, like me, it was much easier to manage two infants, two toddlers or two 'tweens, than to juggle the needs of a baby and a preschooler {altho, I had that as well!}.

3. Shared Accomplishments
It's always exciting to see your child meet a milestone. But when two accomplish their goals simultaneously, it's a wonderful experience for a family.

4. Private Jokes
It's such fun to hear them share jokes, call each other by nicknames and role-play their special scenarios. The always seem to have an 'inside joke' between them and they have a unique and sarcastic sense of humor that parrots off one another.

5. Alike, But Different
It's fascinating to be an observer of twins. With so many similarities, but such stark differences, it's interesting to see how they develop as individuals.

6. 2-For-1 Bonus
Short and sweet .... one pregnancy = two babies! Such a deal!

7. A Sense of Status
Okay, I admit it. I get a little thrill of pride in being a mom of twins. It's like being a part of an elite club. I love the reaction I got when I tell people I had twins. "Wow!" "I always wanted twins..." "I don't know how you did it..." It's almost like we enjoy an exclusive status in the parenting world, earning a slight nod of respect for pulling double duty.

8. Sharing
Twins share everything -- their birthday, their parents' attention, their identity, and many of their belongings. Although they may get frustrated with their situation, it's very gratifying to witness their "what's mine is yours" attitude in a moment of unselfish benevolence.

9. A Beautiful Bond
The twin bond is more enduring than any other relationship on earth, starting even before birth, and often outlasting many friendships and even marriages. Despite their squabbles, it's comforting to know that they will enjoy their unique relationship for all of their lives. As their mother, I feel really privileged to be a party to their special bond, and to have the opportunity share in it and nurture it.

10. Confidence in Companionship
I love the confidence that my daughters exhibit simply because they have always had each other to rely on. I love to watch them enter new, unfamiliar situations with total surety because they are together. I love seeing all the ways that being a twin shapes their personalities, both as an advantage and a disadvantage. They have never known loneliness because they've always had each other as a companion.

Happy Birthday to Heidi and Heather - You bring me such JOY!

Happy Birthday, Leanne!

Happy Birthday to my niece Leanne. She is my brother Tom's only child - and selflessly gives of herself to make sure that he is always taken care of. There isn't a doctor's appt., a holiday, or family function that she and her husband don't ensure that he is included in and attending. I so appreciate her love and devotion to him.

She has 2 wonderful kids and a dog who also make her life complete. Wishing you a wonderful day, and hoping that you are spoiled a bit for all the hours you devote to others.


The Autumnal Equinox 2009 fell on September 22nd. Autumnal Equinox is a day when of there’s equal day and night and is the first day of Fall.

This day is also called Mabon, Harvest Home, Winter Finding, or Second Harvest Festival. For Pagans, it is a day of thanksgiving to the Goddess for their bounteous harvest and reaping the fruits of their labor. It is the time of celebration, reflection, grace and balance. It is also believed to be a good time to gather our energies and turn our attentions inward.

So on this, the last day of September, allow yourself some rest, relaxation and a time for reflection.


Happy Birthday, Paiger!


{Teri said it best!}

"When you wish upon a star"......"A very merry unbirthday to you, to you".......Hope you are having a wonderful celebration doing all those things you love. Surf's up!


Firsts and Firsts

This event was sponsored by Pepperbelly's and Kaysville City-some of us attended the Cold Cones n' Cool Cars last evening. Saw some great looking classic cars, wonderful Era muscle cars, and FABULOUS Corvettes! But the main attraction was seeing Eryn in her 2nd event of 'meet 'n greets' in the crowd, and helping to judge the 3 favorite cars in the event. It was fun and entertaining to watch the little kids run up to the royalty and ask them if they were a 'Princess'-I believe they were thinking about the princess' they see at Disneyland; of being deluged by little sisters intervening on their brother's behalf to get the girls attentions so they could talk to them; and seeing the ease and grace of these young girls fulfilling their civic responsibility with in a fun-loving manner.

The only complaint I have, that after 3 hours, the Kaysville City Mayor didn't even introduce her Royalty as being there to help assist and meet the public. WTH?!

Tomorrow night she will be at the Davis Co. Gala helping with a silent auction. Maybe someone there will think to introduce them. Let's HOPE!


Birthday Wishes

So many birthdays from the end
of August to the end of September.

Miles just celebrated his . . . oooh!
35th birthday?! I know this {HOW?}
because he and Matt were due at the
same time, but Matt decided to come
a month early. Miles is a hard-working,
quiet, gentle kinda guy who is dedicated
to his family and his faith.

Next in line, Vicky, who made me the
youngest aunt in our family. I love her
gracious demeanor; she always has a warm
hug and a genuine interest in everyone! She
is soft-spoken, articulate and very talented
and steps right in to help with – sewing,
painting, building, crafting, cooking, caring
for her grandchildren, and wanting to be
surrounded by the love of family.

Next, comes our joyful Krissy! Her laugh
is contagious, and she is so humble and
sweet, it’s hard to imagine that she ever
gets onery or sullen. Recently when she was
on the USNS Comfort with Jenna, I wrote to
Terry asking him for a favor and his reason
for not getting back to me was: “I am doing
as good as a man who has had his heart cut
out can! I will be very happy to have the love
of my life back.” Is that not the sweetest tribute to his wife and the curly haired
gal we all LOVE?

It’s only fitting that the next one with a
birthday, is the sweet, naïve, newly-married
Shaylee; have you seen the movie Confessions
of a Shopoholic – then you know her!
Beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed cutie pie.

Sandwiched in between all the gals in the family,there's a big, burly, gentle giant who goes by the name of Doug {in the yellow T-shirt}. I remember
him telling me a story
once of having his Lindee at the playground, and a
group of kids came
over and asked him if he was ‘Hulk Hogan’! He is an
avid fisherman,
and gives great ‘bear hugs’!

Comes the next of our beauteous gals in the family-
Jessica. So many facets and faces of the girl…vivacious,
an eye for photography, and loves to party with her
friends and cousins.

Lastly, is one niece who came along right after I
was married. I got to practice my mother skills
a lot with her and later we worked together at
Morgan Jewelers. I am amazed at her tenacity
and her ability to work fast, thoroughly, and at
the same time, have fun and keep everyone on
their toes with her sense of humor and her
trivia skills!! She is an avid sports watcher, and
just about the champion at any game she plays–
be it board games, word games, or an athletic event. She makes time to give her
daughters the things they need, along with being a day-care provider, and spending
quality times with a wide variety of her friends.

Birthday Wisdom for all of you is:

May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly
where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities
that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that
you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.
May you be content with yourself just the way you are. Let this knowledge settle
into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.
It is there for each and every one of us.'

Happiest of birthdays to all of you…..FAMILIES are the BEST!