TaYLoR Turns SeVeN!

Peanut, Pouty, Pink, Princess, Perfection - these are all words to describe TaYLoR. So much like her Mom-with sass, sarcasm, teasing and wanting to look pretty. Dancing her way through life, admiring butterflies and dragonflies along the way, learning to read, to subtract and add, using the computer, enjoying crafts and art with her Mom and Aunt Heidi, bossing & wrestling her little brother, making and losing friends {as they move away}, excelling in baseball and soccer, and mostly growing from a cute little girl into a young girl with potential to win over and/or break hearts!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy, TaYlOr McKeNzIe!


Thanksgiving Hope for 2009

The month of November is rapidly coming to a close - and what with all the posted 'thankfuls' on Facebook and blogs, I would be remiss if I didn't at least acknowledge the love and thanks in my heart for wonderful family, friends who always seem to be there to lift my spirits, and the ability to still be able to work when so many are out of work. As I drive past the Downtown Urban Center and Pioneer Park, and see those who are standing out in the cold without warm coats, sleeping on the cold ground with only a blanket over them, warming their hands by breathing into them, and wondering where their next meal will come from, I become more aware of the thankfulness that I have for a warm home, the choice to sleep in a bed {or out on the front room couch}, opening a fridge that has an array of good things to eat, being able to jump into a hot bath/shower and wash the previous day off, and knowing that there are many who love and appreciate the things that I try to do for them. I am thankful that we are able to enjoy freedoms that a lot of other countries do not have; the opportunity to participate in religion or spiritual partaking of choice; to voice our opinions {however menial or unimportant they may be to some}; and to be able to feel and tell others how much they are loved and appreciated.

So, as this month comes to a screaming end, and we approach the end of 2009, as well, I want to let all those who read this know, that I appreciate the comments and insights that you give to me. Each one of you adds to a level of my consciousness about what in life is truly important. Family is the BEGINNING and the EVERLASTING. There is no one who will come to your aid faster, or cover your back like family. It seems that at this time of year, as families are looking to join together, there seems to be feelings of hurt, or unresolved issues that makes one or another feel that they don't belong, or don't want to participate. I wrote a poem some 12 years ago that was inspired by just one of those situations, and again 2 years ago, when I posted it here.

As much as we try to keep PEACE within circles of friends and family, it seems that there is always room to tell them that we love them and appreciate them. Please take time to mend fences and tell people you love them and are sorry.

In keeping with the importance of family - BIRTHDAY wishes to all of the gazillion birthdays in my sister's family, especially Denice and Whitey! They are my nieces, but they are also my sisters. I love you both. Taylor turned 7 years old yesterday, but we are getting together tonight for a celebration with family at her house. Pictures to follow....



After I posted my thoughts for Weston's birthday, a friend from way, way back, in the Land before Time, sent me a little ditty that he wrote in my honor:

Along the Wasatch, I swear its true
There lives a Grandma whose name is Sue
She writes words of comfort in her spare time
And shares them with family and friends online
She dotes on her grands and makes them feel needed
And shows off their pictures and projects completed
Many call her Mom - even more stand in awe
but one sums her up with the great word "Damma"!

Thanks G.....