Taylor is Heather's little girl and the 4th grandchild on both sides of the family!
It’s 8:45am – the telephone rings
‘Gwamma, can you come over today?’
‘Taylor – I have some things I need to do;
What does your Momma say?’

‘Mom – can Gwamma come over today?’
‘I don’t care – what does she say?’
‘Gwamma, Mom says you can come to play –
Do you want to Gwamma? Will you come today?’

And so this is how each day begins
With a personal invitation from my 5 year-old friend!
Eyes that are more green than blue now
Pouty lips that are just so kissable!
Long, beautiful hair – always dressed in something pink

Wanting to know what my favorite color is, what I’ve had to eat,
Asking what movie we want to watch, what I’d like to do and what I think;
Who is this ‘Geez Louise’? she asks;
and why do I say ‘P.U.’ey when something stinks!

So many accomplishments and changes this past year –
A new baby brother - Weston, he’s one,
A new beagle puppy that’s a pain in the bum!
A new routine of preschool 3 days a week
A trip to the library – new books to seek.
Playing with Sydni, Laila, and J.J.
These are activities that fill up her days.

Today it is your birthday - A day that’s all your own,
So I’m going to give you a gift that’s special
Its value is unknown . . .
It's my pledge of love and trust
That as you grow you'll know
How many times a day we think of you
And how much we love you so.

Happy 5th Birthday, Taylor
I love you from Heaven and Back!
Grandma Shifflett


Happy Thanksgiving!


As we gather ‘round the Turkey
On this Thanksgiving Day,
May we be ever grateful for our blessings
And for friends and family.

May forgiveness be within our hearts
And tolerance for those around us.
Help us to do what’s right
So that we may other’s teach.
Look to ourselves for inner peace
And always to stranger’s reach.

For strangers are the friends
That we have not yet met.
And friends are those who know us best;
Whom judgement does not set.

Let this Thanksgiving Day
Be just the first of many --
When we can look from you to me,
With no regrets, no excuses,
And no sorrow for our yesterdays.


Nieces, Nieces

When I was in 3rd grade, I had an assignment from Mrs. Jost to write a poem. What I came up was a diatribe about nieces -- specifically Denice, Leanne (Tom's daughter), and Clydene (Whitey). Mary would occasionally tend these 3 little scamps and they inevitably would rummage through my bedroom and belongings. When I came home from school to find the mess (which I was usually encouraged to clean up if I didn't want them playing with it) I would mumble and groan!

Nieces – Nieces

Some forty years ago, when I was all of ten,
An assignment was given to me to write a poem.
I remember thinking to myself; I know nothing about prose –
But I made a wild stab at it, and this is how it goes.

Nieces, Nieces; I hate them to pieces!
They get into my room, and scatter all my stuff –
They ruin what is mine – and I become so gruff!
I yell at them and I stomp about
My Mom just tries to calm me.
She reminds me that they’re little and will be going home soon.
HOORAY! I say – Make them clean up my room!

Now I say . . . Nieces, Nieces; I LOVE them to pieces!
They’ve become my best friends.
We’ve complained to each other, we gossip, we share.
Without them, I never would’ve had the experience of growing up
With opportunities to baby-sit, catfight, and most of all ---

When I moved in with Nadine's family, Janette & Cheryl became my friends, as well as my nieces. We shared secrets about boys, hi-jinx and mayhem! We ate, worked and slept together and all 5 of us girls shared ONE BATHROOM! It involved intense planning and shifts as to when a bath/shower was taken and who shared the mirror at the same time! But I look back on this experience and am so thankful for the opportunity to grow up and grow old with these girls.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to my Wonderful Nieces.