Spring has Sprung!

AHHH! Spring…it conjures up images of raindrops, and rainbows, and blossoms and flowers. Soccer, and baseball; and while the temperature has fluctuated from 87 to 47 degrees in the last two days, it does seem that spring is actually on its way. My little crabby apple tree is exactly a month later with its blossoms than it was last year, so we must’ve had a much cooler, wetter, later spring this year! And the iris’ that I picked up from a fellow in Centerville last year, are blooming, so I’m happy. My green thumb can be verified! I’m going over to the nursery tonight and pick up some petunias and impatiens, along with some little shrubs to put in the flowerbeds. Why exactly did we leave the two-bedroom apartment up in Boise for the joy of home ownership? Oh yeah…the grandkids!

Kloyie and Skyla finished up their soccer season last Saturday; but Connor and Taylor now have t-ball games twice a week. It brings back memories of when our three boys were playing baseball all summer. We even met a friend of Matt’s, who has a boy on Connor’s team, and a 3 year-old named Matthew! Connor’s first game was freezing cold – we were wrapped up in blankets, with our hoods and gloves on! I did get a couple of good pictures of him hitting the ball, and you can see he was able to make a run with the hit!

Taylor and two other little girls play on a team with boys! She’s being a good sport about playing with them.



With Memorial Day this weekend, and the 'brain fog' I have been in recently, I thought I would just offer up something that I had written a few years ago.

I gaze upon the sea of green -
White stones bob up and down across the horizon.
Birds are chirping, a gentle breeze is blowing through the leaves of the trees.
Dusk ‘til dawn – this is such a lovely, restful place –
For the Dead.

I come here sometimes to collect my thoughts
To get a perspective of what life is really about.
I think of the people that I’ve known throughout my life
Specifically, the ones who are among those resting here.

I wonder if they’re aware of the worldly toils and tribulations that we are facing.
I yearn for their touch and the sound of their voice.
And when I come to this place –
Both physically and mentally –
I wish that I could be there with them.

I want to linger a littler longer…


Happy Mothers Day!

A Mother’s Arms - Sue Shifflett

Our first experience with love is the touch of our Mother,
As we are placed in her arms.
We are cuddled, fed, bathed, and comforted.
This security becomes the fertile groundwork for
All other relationships in our life.

As a toddler, trusting and innocent;
We venture out into a harsh world,
Where words and actions of others may hurt us.
So we return to that place which is our safest haven – Home.

Young people search for love and acceptance in a chaotic world;
Moving farther from the home fires,
And veering into territories that are strange and unfamiliar.
Friends, music, rebellion, action and danger –
Yearning to prove their Individuality
And striking out for Independence.

Though we move away from that which we know to be true,
There comes a time when the loving arms of our Mother
Beckons us to once again partake of the love and security
That reminds us of a simpler time and place.
When every care was attended to –
Where we could curl up in a warm ball

And know that everything would be all right.

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful women in my life - daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces and friends; who have always been there showing me love, teaching me by example, and sharing their hearts. I love you all.


Happy Birthday to Wayne & DiAnne!

When pictures from your childhood
Are in faded black & white.
When people start to notice
That you’ve lost more than your height . . .

When all these things start happening
Don’t let it wreck your mood.
It’s Nature’s way of telling you
You’re one maturing DUDE!

I have this big Sister-her name is DiAnne.
Even though we have disagreed at times
I look up to her --
She is someone beside me lending a hand.
Offering words that say, “I understand” . . .

Sister, you taught me
What it is to share,
And what it is to receive.
You gave me Love, joy, togetherness,
Loyalty, support, friendship.


We're Gonna Have a Wedding . . . .

In the movie Father of the Bride, George{Stanley Banks}, played by Steve Martin, has some things to say that may hit home for the Campbells. He says: “I used to think a wedding was a simple affair. Boy and girl meet, they fall in love, he buys a ring, she buys a dress, they say I do. I was wrong. That's getting married. A wedding is an entirely different proposition”.



Shaylee called me this morning to say she got engaged last night up Adams Canyon. I told her that he wanted her to be breathless when he proposed! {Grandma’s version}

{And now the rest of the story from the Bride . . . .}
Yeah, my Dad did tell me he sent out an email to friends and family! Paige & another aunt came to my work, to give hugs and look at my ring! Well here is my story...Nick left yesterday morning to head out to Chicago for the summer, he's selling Satellite Systems as a summer job and is actually the Manager of the office. He has about 14 kids going out with them, under his direction. All weekend we hardly played-we just packed! Monday after work I went up there and was an absolute mess. I left for ten minutes to go help my Dad put up a sign I made for Nick just saying Good Luck & Goodbye on the highway. When I got back Nick decided he HAD to go on a hike up Adams Canyon - just get away from packing and all that. I was kinda like...ah ok, not too happy but I went. We hiked up and I didn't want to go too far into the woods because it freaks me out! We had a baby lantern and a headlamp. By the way it was so nice out Monday night! So we got around this corner and there was a little fire going. Nick wanted to go and sit by the fire but I was freaked out; ‘How did it start? IDIOT people just leave fires going.... I didn't know what the heck was going on. Nick went along with it and finally we just sat down. We talked and he said how much he loves me and gave me some flowers and then told me to stand up. At that point I kinda was like ‘ah…oh, what's happening?...then he went on talking and then asked!! Nick's sister Kenzi and McKay came out of the trees - they had started the fire and set up everything!! I was crying and of course said YES! It was pretty late when we got up there so I was really tired, but that’s pretty much the story. He wanted to fly me to Chicago but he said he just couldn't leave me without a ring and fun-fun wedding plans!! All night he kept saying YOU’RE MY FIANCEE! - It was cute. One of our first fun dates was a Sunday hike up Adams Canyon, so now we have two great memories!! We're planning on Oct 10th (10-10-08) maybe he'll remember anniversary's now!

Rewind to Christmas 2007 - Jeff sat on Santa’s lap and said he’d really like a son-in-law. Looks like there really IS a Santa Claus!

CONGRATULATIONS to Shaylee {Jeffs oldest} and Nick! You’re in for the Ride of Your Life……

Sometimes in Life, you find a Special Love. Someone who changes your life just by being a part of it. Someone who can make you laugh until you cry. Someone who makes you believe there is good in the World. Someone who holds your hand and shares his Heart. Someone who convinces you that there is a door, unlocked and just waiting for you to open it.


Happy Birthday, Craig!

Snakes 'n Snails 'n puppy dog tails.
Mischief in your eyes and smile
Impetuous, Carefree, Adventure in your heart
These are the same boyish behaviors that give us our “kick start”!

Craig is Glen and DiAnne's son; he and his cutie-pie wife, Denise, have two lovely daughters, Danielle and Jordan.

He looks almost too comfortable in that spot, doesn't he? Hope you have a great year!