Well, the little girls had to help Grandma blow out her candles. Woody told them there was a code to how old I was according to the way the candles were on the cake. Kloyie, who is 7, guessed right away! She's such a smartie. I'm not tellin' what the code is; otherwise, you'll all know how old I am. Skyla actually blew the hardest, and Taylor and I weren't even aiming at the cake! Laila is contemplating sticking her fingers in the frosting. We had a great celebration on Sunday, and enjoyed the time with family. Nadine, Clydene, Kacy, Heidi, Heather (and their little ones) & I all went to lunch on Tuesday to further the celebration, and a few friends are taking me out for dinner tomorrow night. That makes for a week's worth of PARTYING. Sometimes it's just about that . . . . .



It's Spring --- and with spring comes a renewed hope for all things beautiful and warm! The tree buds are bursting; the sun is warm; and the excited squeal of children can be heard as they run out to jump on trampolines; ride their bikes/scooters; and all the neighbors are out planting, or sprucing up their environments and visiting with one another. I guess it's only fitting that this "old bear" come out of hibernation and jump on the blogtrain. Hope you don't mind, but I have been eavesdropping on all of you since Michele sent me her new site a month ago. It has been so fun to read all about your lives, and see the cute pix that you include in your ramblings. I am especially impressed with how much you all love each other and your Heavenly Father. What a GREAT family! Vicky encouraged me to start my own, so here is the introduction. I'm hoping that by getting started on this blogging thing, that my family will find the interest and enthusiasm to jump in, as well. I think it's a great networking piece for families. Maybe we'll all come to know each other better!

Woody and I have just been in our most recent home for 1 year this month! Hard to believe it's gone by so fast. We were able to get the yard in last fall, but I'm sure the neighbors are all gonna be talking about fence soon. I am finding it particularly hard to get into the "nesting" mode, since we have been in 7 different locations in the past 7 years! (I know --- you're all saying "What's the BIG deal?!) Anyway, there are still many boxes that I haven't looked into that have been in storage, and I have hardly hung a picture on the wall. I am still trying to define what furniture will fit into some rooms, and thinking what of them I can sell on KSL!

If you're having a difficult time trying to remember who I am --- I'm Grandpa Wayne's youngest sister. I have 5 great kids: Mike, Matt, Curt, Heidi & Heather; and 6 grandkids with another little girl due in June! Poor Connor & Weston --- they are sooo outnumbered.

Today is a beautiful Sunday --- the kids are coming over to help celebrate my birthday (which isn't for a couple of days). It's just easier to get together on the weekends. I'll eat an extra piece of cake for all of you!
Love to you all ---- Sioux