Kloyie's Diorama

Kloyie invited her Dad to school on Friday to check out her project for Science. It was a diorama that depicted the evolution of the grasslands in Australia. She had typed up a written report, made clay figures of a Koala and a Dingo, and was able to answer questions about her research. There was the bush and grasses that Koala's eat, the dingoes, which eat the Koala's, and the waste left by the dingoes that make up compost for the brushes to grow, which, in turn, the Koala's eat. The Circle of Life, so to speak. GREAT JOB, Kloyie. I'm so proud of what you learned doing this project.

Grandma Great and I also went over to see her presentation and took a look around her classroom. I noticed that there was a display outside her door that had hearts with the words, "LOVE is" written on the outside of them. On the inside, Kloyie had written that 'love is when her mother makes her breakfast and drives her to school, and when her sister is nice to her.'

We then walked down the hall to Skyla's room where they had displayed pictures of themselves and the statement about what they would do if they were President. Grand-daughters RULE!


Sloney's 1st Pony's

THANK HEAVEN......for little girls!


Happy Birthday, Nadine!

Before the day is done, I want to tell my SIS Happy Birthday, and how much I love and appreciate her. I lived with them for 5 years and love her 4 girls as sisters. It was a time when I learned so many things, acquired wonderful friends, and realized how much time and effort is put into 'family'.

We had a wonderful party at her house on Saturday night with family. Check out this blog for more details. If it's not up yet, it will be.

Hope your day is still going strong and that you get your wish for some 'tail' tonight. . .lobster tail, that is!


Happy Birthday, Curtis!

The many faces of Curt....or "TURT" as Sloaney calls him.


Happy Birthday, Connor-man!

This boy brings such joy and excitement into our lives! He is chuck full of happiness and hi-jinx; he loves to play games on his playstation, ride on anything with wheels, engage in contact sports {he just recently took up Karate}, spend time with his cousins, and is doing GREAT in school. Some ask if he is an artist like his Dad...yeah, not so much. He's only 7 today - but we buy him size 10! clothes. He's gonna be a tall, handsome guy when he's the finished product!

Happy birthday to our 1st grandson - we love you and want you to have a great day! Looking forward to the party on Saturday.


President's Day - Past & Present

Heather, Taylor, Weston, Laila and I all attended the President's Day program at Connor's school on Friday. What a TREAT! These kids have so much enthusiasm, and perform with gusto! I got some pix of Connor, and then reminded Mike that I thought I had pix of him at the same age in the same type of program. See what you think....like Father, like Son. Both had speaking parts, but somehow, Connor looks like he's enjoying himself a lot more!

Who Needs GPS?

Go Here

If you want to get off the rollercoaster of Blah! Taylor and I heard this the other day, and she was very inquisitive about the whole concept of what the rollercoaster of BLAH was exactly. Being the sardonic cynic {is that a double negative?} that I am, I went into a long explanation of what a thrill ride life is and how the Blahs will sometimes weigh us down, so that we do not enjoy the ride.

When I read this gals blog this morning, I came to the conclusion that the myth about Men being from Mars, and Women are from Venus is true! We are definitely hard-wired differently. A man approaches everything analytically and from a logical standpoint. Women feel their way through life. Men do it with aggression - Women do it with attitude! You know how it is implied that men think with their.... well, you know. This gal put a different, more appealing spin on that story - after all, it's always acceptable and more fun to make fun of yourself than at the cost of another, right?

I guess I should 'Thank Heaven' for the differences; but sometimes I just want to throw my hands in the air and ask 'Why?'


Valentine wishes from the HEART!


I love you all......check out this link.


Happy Birthday, Owen!

One day after Lincoln's birthday (who was a very wise man), and the day before Valentine's Day (the day for love and romance), comes my BIL's birthday (who is also very wise and a romantic at heart)! He is a retired school teacher, and an artist (he fits into the family very well). He and Fay travel from the mid-West to the Pacific No.West on a yearly cycle to hit fairs (and other activities) and draw characature sketches. They have alot of fun doing this, and love to visit with the people who frequent his booth.

He comes from a large family and is a twin (the better looking of the two, he sez!). He is a great defender of his Faith, he loves to debate, he has the greatest time with puns and trivia, and he enjoys good stories (of which he has authored a few). Hope you're reading this while out on the road, so you know I'm wishing you a great day!



"When you come to edge of all the light you have, and must take a step into the darkness of the unknown, believe that one of two things will happen, either there will be something solid for you to stand on or you will be taught how to fly."

Gary has finished up this weeks chemo, and they did a biopsy on the spots that the scan picked up last week. They have come back as a negative! He will be released this afternoon, and can tentatively go back to work for the next 6 weeks. At the end of the 6 weeks, he will be having another PET scan to determine what is happening. The doctors have told them {that in that time frame} there should either be great improvement, or there will be excess growth; at which time, they will determine whether to do the bone marrow transplant. But for now, we are so thankful for the thoughts and prayers in his behalf. We know that prayers are being answered, and that Gary will be on the mend fully soon. We love you guys - maybe you'll be able to spend the first holiday in 4 months together doing something FUN!


Happy Birthday to Two Cutie Nieces!


is the effervescence in the Smith family gene pool; 3. to show enthusiasm, excitement, liveliness, etc. Usually, her expression is one of joy, and playfulness. She is always smiling and seemingly happy! And like her Mother and sisters, she has that wonderful quality of agelessness.
Wordle: Michele

Sara is seldom seen without one sister or the other - either she's pulling funny faces and being silly with Eryn, or she's being Robyn's favorite friend and big sis. To say her interests are still horses, and SOCCER would be an understatement. She obsesses over them! She is on the ALLStar Soccer team and plays non-stop year round.

Happy Birthday to both Michele and Sara!


The Buttons Say It All!

First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is.
The caterpillar sheds his skin to find a butterfly within. - Donovan

Well, we were all hoping and praying for the best when Gary had a recent PET scan and his clinical follow-up today. However, we were met with the somber news that there are still two spots in his back {possibly near his kidneys or adrenal gland that the doctors are suspicious of. So, he will be admitted into the hospital tomorrow for another round of chemo-needless to say, he's very discouraged and worried that maybe he'll never be rid of this monster! And then there's the job; he was excited to start back to work this week, and although he was fatigued each evening, still felt positive about everything. Our hopes and faith, in the healing hands of God, is that he will progress through the next 21 days with renewed health and strength.

I just keep thinking 'what a dirty deal'; we gotta start this all over again?; we were just catching our breath, and beginning to breathe easy....then I think about what Gary must be thinking, and I want to smack myself!

I pray that when we reach the summit of this next mountain, there will be a lovely vacation spot of Gary's choosing within our gaze. 'First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is.'


Happy Birthday, Laila!

Today is our Laila-Bug's 4th birthday. One look at that face with those beautiful eyes, and you know that you're gonna be suckered into anything she asks for. She can turn on the charm with a smile and wrap her arms around your neck to lead you to 'her destination'. She especially loves to play with her cousins, take walks, and go to the playground at the park; spending time at her Mom's favorite store - Hobbly Lobbly; going on a donut run with her Dad on Sunday mornings; being involved with doing art projects with Mom, and helping Dad fly RC airplanes. She loves kitties and puppies and the color PINK!

She is loving, inquisitive, angelic, lively, independent and has the attitude of the typical 4 year-old. Happy 4th Birthday - We love you, Laila.