The Autumnal Equinox 2009 fell on September 22nd. Autumnal Equinox is a day when of there’s equal day and night and is the first day of Fall.

This day is also called Mabon, Harvest Home, Winter Finding, or Second Harvest Festival. For Pagans, it is a day of thanksgiving to the Goddess for their bounteous harvest and reaping the fruits of their labor. It is the time of celebration, reflection, grace and balance. It is also believed to be a good time to gather our energies and turn our attentions inward.

So on this, the last day of September, allow yourself some rest, relaxation and a time for reflection.


Happy Birthday, Paiger!


{Teri said it best!}

"When you wish upon a star"......"A very merry unbirthday to you, to you".......Hope you are having a wonderful celebration doing all those things you love. Surf's up!


Firsts and Firsts

This event was sponsored by Pepperbelly's and Kaysville City-some of us attended the Cold Cones n' Cool Cars last evening. Saw some great looking classic cars, wonderful Era muscle cars, and FABULOUS Corvettes! But the main attraction was seeing Eryn in her 2nd event of 'meet 'n greets' in the crowd, and helping to judge the 3 favorite cars in the event. It was fun and entertaining to watch the little kids run up to the royalty and ask them if they were a 'Princess'-I believe they were thinking about the princess' they see at Disneyland; of being deluged by little sisters intervening on their brother's behalf to get the girls attentions so they could talk to them; and seeing the ease and grace of these young girls fulfilling their civic responsibility with in a fun-loving manner.

The only complaint I have, that after 3 hours, the Kaysville City Mayor didn't even introduce her Royalty as being there to help assist and meet the public. WTH?!

Tomorrow night she will be at the Davis Co. Gala helping with a silent auction. Maybe someone there will think to introduce them. Let's HOPE!