Happy Birthday, Mike & Matt!

Have to give Mike "top billing" for birthdays! As a child, he couldn't understand why he was the oldest, yet we celebrated Matt's birthday first. You see, Matt was born 3 years after, and 3 days before Mike's birthday. So, to keep PEACE, we would celebrate the birthdays together, (which I think they came to dread later). It did make it easier for the cake decorating, however. NO! Wait, I believe there were many years when we had a party for friends, as well as a family party. So it probably just about evened out. Anyway, there always seemed to be enough of it to go around! Besides celebrating them together, they even usually got the same gifts, as Matt always wanted what Mike had! AHH! Sibling rivalry . . . it's what we all love to see and enjoy listening to. It does get more fun to hear about it after the years have rolled by.

Now, here they are both now in their "30 somethings", and ready to celebrate yet another year. Matt's is on the 10th and Mike's is on (lucky?) Friday the 13th! As a kid, he always thought that was pretty cool when it fell that way on the calendar. I want them to know that I love them and wish them both a wonderful year! Hope you both have a great day, and that you are HAPPY!