2 Very Long Months...and probably NOT worth the wait!

It's just been so crazy here in LIFE the past 2 months. Nothing monumental ~ I just haven't had the band width for any creativity! I crave that natural flow of writing down my thoughts and feelings; but down deep, I feel like I just can't organize them enough to put them on paper. Even my horoscope says it all: Geniuses of all stripes look to their dreams for guidance and inspiration, and so should you. If there's some complex conundrum weighing on your mind, now is the time to plumb the depths of your subconscious for a simple answer. You may want to keep a pen and paper by your bedside to write down any midnight inspirations. That big brain of yours is never really inactive!

We had a lovely evening celebrating Laila's and Grandma-Great's birthdays at my sister-in-laws ho
me on Jan. 31st. It was great having everyone get together and observe Grandma watch all the young children with all their exuberance for LIFE.

Connor had a birthday party with friends from school this year, and because of sickness within the family we didn't get together as a group. Gary and I both ended up with pneumonia! Curt's birthday was next - no fanfare there either. All the family trickled in during the day of Wood's birthday with another year's worth of wishes and a piece of t
he YUKKIEST birthday cake from COSTCO. The cake itself was about 2in thick, with about an inch and a half of frosting that could have been rolled off the cake like carpet! I swear, that must be the way they put it on! Nasty.....

Connor was big brother, John, in the school production of
Peter Pan. What a kick that was! The PTA President and volunteers initiated it - with over 175 kids from Kindergarten-6th grade participating. They had a months worth of rehearsals twice a week, furnished their own costumes, and did such a FABULOUS job. They performed 2 nights, and both shows were so totally packed that people were standing, and sitting on tables and the floor. I think Connor enjoyed it enough, he may try to do it another time. He's also very busy with his Karate and progressing towards earning his blue belt.

A few of us got together at Olive Garden to celebrate with family for the "Quarterly Birthday Cuzzin' Dinner". Then Easter was upon us. My kids and Grandma-Great got together over at Heather's for an Easter Egg hunt and my birthday.
Heidi made the most marvelous coconut cake with whipped cream frosting ~ kinda made up for that one we all choked down for Wood's birthday!

Curt and I were able to take Grandma-Great to a session of General Conference. What a phenomenal sight to see all the Saints pouring in and out of the Conference Center; the dissidents on each corner and across the street, proclaiming their thoughts and exhibiting their Christ-like behavior, by deriding the members as they walk past them {Yeah! That's the way to 'win friends and influence people'}; and to counteract those people, a group of young adults singing hymns.

Whitey gave me a most awesome birthday gift - something every Mom/Grandma loves at any time. A blanket with all my favorite people to SNUGGLE with. Thanks to all who made the last 2 months memorable.