Head up, heart open. To better days!

After 2 (?) years away from this blogging business, I decided I needed to try my hand at it again. It's difficult navigating through it and trying to figure out what I did before. I know these pages have been quiet lately. It is not that I don't have anything to share, I have just been in a different place in my life and making changes that I hope are for the better. I know I'm in a much more peaceful place and love having independence that I don't feel I was ever able to experience in my youth. With the unpacking of boxes at a new location, going through old photos and memories flooding back of my childhood, my children's childhoods, and now my grandchildren, I find that my value of material goods has diminished. I float through my days remembering good friends, times in my life that left an impression, realizing that some things I have done in my life need to be apologized for, and cherishing the day for what it offers, and what I can do to make it more enjoyable.


GrandmaNutt said...

Hello Sweet Susie....welcome back. I will avidly follow you through all your mental and emotional wanderings. Let the fun begin anew!

Teri said...